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3D Printing Certification

You’re Pricing Erroneous: How to Properly Price tag for FFF/FDM


By Mike Moceri, founder and CEO, MakerOS

Last thirty day period, I talked about how early on in my profession I undersold my 3D printing certification services during a person certain task and lost out on a important amount of money of profits. It wasn’t very long immediately after I realized that I wasn’t the only 1 who was going through this concern in my industry. I crafted a company to handle the difficulty and jointly with my group, we made a holistic methodology on how to precisely price 3D printing certification assignments that accounts for all factors of a  3D printing certification and digital fabrication organization.

Now, I’m getting it a action even further and will communicate about how our confirmed methodology is effective for FFF/FDM 3D printing certification with PLA content, but you can apply these ideas to any other substance you fabricate with. Precisely, I’ll share with you the particular inputs you are going to have to have in purchase to successfully apply our methodology.

Irrespective of how big your operation is, there are certain bits of information that you need on hand in buy for us to calculate your fees. Here’s what you need to have to know:


Let us start by calculating your whole value for every gram. To do that, you require to know the adhering to.

What is your buy unit? If you’re utilizing a desktop device, you are more than very likely acquiring it by the kilogram for your order unit. But it may well be offered by the gram, by the pound, or by the cubic inch, so make confident you double-look at and have that facts helpful.

What is the device charge for your content? If you are purchasing your material from Amazon or some other respected reseller, you are going to normally pay back amongst $15 to $45 for a 1-kilogram spool of PLA. 

What is your content density in grams per cubic centimeter? Typically the density for PLA is 1.24 grams for each cubic centimeter. Refer to the material data sheet delivered by the maker.

With all those values, you can work out a complete price for every gram.


Next, we require to understand a couple matters about your FFF/FDM equipment.

What is the basic principle charge of your device? If you are working with a midgrade, prosumer stage machine, you are probably in the $5K to $6K variety, but it might be as considerably as $10K.

What is your machine’s lifetime hours? Particularly, you will want to know what the usage time is for your machine. This may seem hard to figure out but in actuality, it’s not really hard to discover out. Based on who the maker is, there ought to be some existence screening data available to you. That may be in the handbook or you may well will need to attain out to the maker. Alternatively, you can estimate this selection based mostly on working experience or when you count on to swap it. In my personal practical experience, I have scrapped FFF machines approaching 6,000 hrs around a 5 yr period of time to possibly exchange with a new product or because the machine wasn’t well worth maintaining any longer.

What is your servicing and support price tag for your equipment, for each 12 months? With a desktop prosumer device, you are most likely to commit at least 40 hours for every calendar year just sustaining the equipment along with more consumables – how considerably do that put in time and supplies value you? Alternatively, you may have purchased a provider package deal from the OEM or reseller, which for the example machine pointed out earlier mentioned, can vary between $500 to $1,000 per calendar year. 

With all of these inputs, we can work out the hourly depreciation and servicing charges for the device.

Fabricated Material & Deposition Level

How long does it consider you to fabricate 1 cubic centimeter of material? Also known as the “material deposition rate”, this is one of the most essential components for our calculations. How lengthy does it take to fabricate 1 cubic centimeter of PLA? There are many choices on how you can estimate this. You can slice a 10x10x10mm dice at 100% density with your standard options and refer to the output values. Another way, which is considerably far more correct, is to take your mobile phone or stopwatch and time the print from the really second it begins laying down materials to the instant that the equipment completes the print.

Of course, relying on geometry, firmware, and other things, the ordinary product deposition price will change. Our target right here is to get to an acceptable baseline regular. If you want to be even far more precise, then I advise timing 10 print work with various geometries and weighing the ultimate prints. Time in minutes divided by the ordinary pounds of the prints in grams will work out your ordinary content deposition fee and figure out how speedily you can deposit 1 cubic centimeter of material.   

With this facts, and with what we now know, you can locate how much substance you use in an hour and eventually how substantially that charges you per hour.

Facility, Human Time, and Application/Expert services

Lastly, let’s incorporate the remaining ancillary info details to ascertain your expenditures. 

What is your hire and what are your every month utilities for your area? This is your facility price.

How lots of individuals are needed to work the equipment and what is their hourly amount? How long does it consider…