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Which laser reducing product for which applications?


Lucie Gaget on Jul 30, 2019 |

You may know Sculpteo as a 3D printing certification provider, but do you know that we are also delivering a laser slicing services? From Acrylic to Cardboard, our elements offer a extensive selection of takes advantage of and programs for your laser cutting jobs. Laser chopping technological know-how is terrific for the two technical pieces or aesthetic uses. Laser-minimize plastic, or wooden, and start out to make the most of our resources for laser cutting.

Certainly, there are loads of elements a laser cutter can lower, but which laser slicing substance need to you select for which application? How can Sculpteo assist you build your project? Let’s obtain out!



POM: An Engineering Thermoplastic For Technical Components

Right here is a excellent material if you require a distinctive and engineering material: POM, also named Delrin.


Two POM gears created for technological works by using

This engineering thermoplastic was our first laser slicing content fully committed to specialized makes use of. POM can endure huge quantities of pressure and friction. It is very resistant and encounters extremely tiny shrinkage. Additionally, POM is weatherproof, water-proof and resistant to several solvents.


Not to be made use of for aesthetic needs

Its white opaque floor is not very aesthetic and normally covered by small scratches but its mechanical properties are unequaled for a plastic! If you want a white plastic for aesthetic utilizes, you really should in all probability verify our acrylic content.


Can POM pieces be laser engraved?

Engraving on POM is not pretty aesthetic. It will appear out as really light, in some cases scarcely obvious. It can be made use of for serial quantities and publish-processing marks.

To learn about our POM materials, you can take a look at our committed POM substance website page.


Decorative Acrylics For Your Laser Reducing Initiatives

A large laser-lower acrylic S from Sculpteo

Technical choices and hues accessible

When it will come to aesthetic objects and surfaces, we advocate making use of acrylic. These Plexiglas sheets are coated by foil for the duration of the laser cutting procedure, which protects the floor from scratches. Offered in numerous colours from opaque to very clear, acrylic is a beautiful materials for attractive objects, business symptoms, and LED addresses many thanks to our diffuse acrylic.


The acrylics have restricted technical applications and are generally made use of for decorative objects. Do you need orange acrylic? Or environmentally friendly acrylic? To learn the 85 acrylic alternatives (with different colours and thicknesses), you should check out our Acrylic substance web page.


Mirrored Acrylic: The Resistant Laser Chopping Product You Need  

Laser-lower mirrored acrylic element


Our Mirrored Acrylic content is a obvious acrylic included with a mirrored movie on the facet. Mirrored Acrylic combines the splendor of mirror glass with the gains of the acrylic substance. 

Continuous Forged Acrylic sheets are made with the same system applied to make sheets of glass providing excellent optical clarity and superior transparency. They are also a lot easier to ship and manage as a final result of their toughness when compared to other acrylic production procedures.

Making use of Mirrored Acrylic for floor engraving is a truly excellent choice. In fact, the technological know-how lets for gorgeous and remarkably exact types to be developed on the surface area. The laser nicely cuts the mirrored movie which is then pulled off and the distinctive homes are discovered. 

Regarding the applications of Mirrored Acrylic, this laser slicing materials can be used from shows to signage, clinical equipment, lighting, electronics, and a lot of other programs! It can even light-weight up when uncovered to LED lights, and is fairly resistant to crazing and or cracking.


MDF: Technical and Ornamental Wood

An MDF box established by our designers with a living hinge

Do you know that you can laser cut wood for resistant and aesthetic parts? Laser slicing is also equipped for woods this sort of as MDF. Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is our wood engineering materials. It is resistant thanks to wax and a resin binder mixed with wooden fibers. With laser slicing, the facet of MDF pieces is really very good, primarily many thanks to our numerous coloration selections. The only detail to maintain in thoughts is that the sides of the section will be burnt.

What about laser engraving for MDF? Laser engraving renders relatively properly on MDF, but won’t realize the precision and splendor that you can obtain with our future product, plywood.

With regards to the attainable purposes of this laser cutting substance, the furniture industry is the most important software. MDF substance is usually applied as a structure for furniture and drawers. 

MDF can be applied for both specialized and ornamental reasons but we suggest to look at the product technical specificities on the MDF content webpage to be positive that it fits your project.

MDF is out there in 7 tints (natural, black, grey, gentle grey, yellow, inexperienced and purple) and 4 thickness up to 8 mm. Get prepared to make your preference!


A Ornamental Wood: Plywood for laser chopping

A near look at of a piece of plywood currently being laser engraved


Plywood laser slicing substance is accessible in two kinds:…