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What are the advantages of laser reducing?


Lucie Gaget on Apr 10, 2019 |

You might know Sculpteo as an on line 3D printing certification service, but do you know that we are also a laser reducing support? That is proper, our online laser slicing support is as basic to use as the 3D printing certification a person: you just have to add your 2D file, you’ll get an prompt quotation and acquire your sections in a several days.

Digital manufacturing is the future, but do you know why you really should now start off to make the most of laser reducing? Let us explore the rewards of laser cutting correct now.


What is laser chopping?


How does it function?


Laser cutting or laser engraving, are two digital producing tactics, offered at Sculpteo. But do you know how they function?

Laser chopping is a digital production technological know-how operating on 2D vector files. The laser cutter is designed of a laser resonator which, depending on the reducing system, incorporates either a gasoline combination of a crystal physique or glass fibers. The chopping course of action starts when power is applied to the combination, which is then sent by means of unique mirror lenses focusing the laser.

How Laser Cutting is redefined on Sculpteo


What about laser engraving

The Laser Engraving is a subtractive fabrication technique for altering the area of an item in order to receive the preferred layout, and it can be completed on lots of distinct forms of supplies. There are two feasible forms of engraving, etching the floor and line engraving.


Why you should really use laser slicing


Laser chopping is specifically efficient when it comes to fast production. Laser cutting is an remarkable manufacturing procedure. Below are all its rewards:

Laser reducing materials alternative

By making use of a laser chopping service such as Sculpteo you can access a wonderful catalog of laser slicing materials. From plywood to acrylic, make the most effective option to give lifestyle to your projects.

While deciding upon acrylic, for example, you will have a alternative amongst 17 shades in different thicknesses!



Below is the main profit of this manufacturing method: it is precision. Laser chopping presents accurate and complex but clear cuts, even for modest details. Really don’t fail to remember to verify the design guidelines of the materials you chose just before purchasing your laser reduce. Without a doubt, to make the most of this engineering, you will have to respect these style guidelines to create the greatest product or service doable!  


You can incorporate facts

Though developing your undertaking with laser chopping, you can also incorporate laser engraving! Making use of these two techniques will be perfect to create products with a wonderful complete and truly fantastic excellent! For creation, it can be a terrific advantage for you. With laser engraving, you can deliver various depths and proportions to your initiatives.




Laser cutting presents flexibility for the design and style and the portions of solution. In truth, you can select anything at all! For the layout, after you have your software program and respect the material design and style recommendations, you can do anything. There is virtually no constraint when applying this production strategy.


How to use laser slicing?


Right here are a handful of jobs created working with laser slicing:

Laser cutting and 3D printing certification to develop a drone


You can also make jobs using both 3D printing certification and laser reducing! Bear in mind our drone challenge? This product has been established employing these two digital manufacturing techniques, which lets to make the most of the advantages of the two tactics.


Laser chopping furnitures


The Alex Hammond studio is a studio that is targeted on products and packaging style and design, but they have determined to generate some furnishings as perfectly. This tube desk that is revealed down below, is produced from laser-minimize acrylic. The acrylic was lower from 3mm white acrylic. This lower was then put between two sheets of powerful glass to be mounted on a minimalist powder-coated steel frame supplying the desk its distinctive search.


Credit score: furniture-alex-hammond


Laser minimize organization cards


By using high quality woods like Veneer plywood, Studio eQ laser cuts firm logos and graphics in the neatest way possible. By laser reducing playing cards, the corporation can take small business playing cards to a diverse dimension in card layout – allowing for businesses to stand out from others! May it be a great concept for your possess company?


Credit rating: Supply: Studio eQ


Are you completely ready to start out your laser chopping venture? Check out out our prime of the most effective free application to create your 2D file and our finest suggestions for laser cutting, and once it is ready, you can add it on our laser chopping company and get your instantaneous quotation! What are you waiting around for?

For a lot more information about laser slicing, you can speak to our product sales workforce, and subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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