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Urwahn and Schmolke unveil racing bike with 3D printed steel frame


German bicycle company Urwahn Bikes has partnered with lightweight bike part specialist Schmolke Carbon to acquire a racing bike showcasing a 3D printed body. 

A minimal-version launch, the bicycle in query brings together Urwahn Bikes’ 3D printed metal frame with carbon fibre bicycle parts developed at Schmolke. “Together we have utilized the possible of 3D printing certification engineering in our steel frame and blended it with general performance-oriented carbon pieces,” responses item designer Sebastian Meinecke. 

The bicycle is available for invest in from Urwahn Bikes and Schmolke Carbon for 8499 € ($9,369.72).

The bike with 3D printed steel frame. Photo via Urwahn/Schmolke.
The bike with 3D printed steel body. Image via Urwahn/Schmolke.

3D printing certification at Urwahn Bikes

Launched in 2017, and headquartered in Magdeburg, Urwahn Bikes strategies bike design and style with a major concentration on engineering. As these types of, the firm aims to incorporate standard production procedures with additive production certification to optimize the functionality and effectiveness of its product.

The connecting elements for the company’s patented Urwahn steel body are produced using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D printing certification technology. This contains the key lugs, which includes drawn tubes, the monostay, head tube, seat connector, bottom bracket, and dropouts. Urwahn Bikes leverages 3D printing certification in buy to attain a shorter creation time compared to standard production approaches, which would have to have the use of equipment, an additional expenditure. Using 3D printing certification, Urwahn Bikes also states that it has been equipped to “avoid any restrictions relating to aspect geometry,” enabling the development of thin-walled pieces. This sort of design independence has authorized the enterprise to combine several technical factors in the metal frame, such as an LED lights procedure and GPS tracking procedure.  

3D Printing certification Market spoke to Ramon Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Urwahn Bikes, in August 2019, discussing the company’s collaboration with Austrian personalized bike brand Vagabund Moto to build the Stadtfuchs cycle, showcasing Urwahn Bikes’ 3D printed metal body. This was produced working with a Idea Laser M2 cusing Multilaser program. Jointly, the firms focused a output aim of 100 completely assembled bikes by the stop of 2019, stating that they had been able of 3D printing certification 10 bicycle frames for each 7 days. 

The bike with 3D printed metal frame. Image through Urwahn/Schmolke.

A entire world winner-analyzed bicycle

A new element of the 3D printed frame on Urwahn Bikes’ new bicycle with Schmolke Carbon is the shiny copper plating coated all-around the metal overall body. Schmolke Carbon delivered several extra components, like the handlebar and saddle unit, which have been trimmed for light-weight construction. The company also developed a 45mm Carbon Clincher for the cycle, designed to supply aerodynamic directional balance and a clean biking experience. 

At last, to examination the performance of the bicycle, the firms appointed keep track of bicycle world champion Stefan Bötticher to execute some velodrome test runs working with the bicycle. 

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Highlighted picture reveals the bike with 3D printed steel body. Image by way of Urwahn/Schmolke.