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3D Printing Certification

Top of the most effective equipment!


Lucie Gaget on Jun 26, 2019 |

Creating your STL file is an critical phase in your 3D printing certification procedure. STL is the most frequent file format for 3D print 3D printing certification, as this format is readable by all 3D printers. Sculpteo’s on-line 3D printing certification company is supporting practically all 3D data files probable, but one particular of the most made use of file formats is however STL. There are lots of reasons to need to have an STL. So when, you have your 3D model prepared, how can you change it into an STL file in get to get it 3D printed? 

That is what you are about to study in this blog site put up. What is an STL converter? What are the ideal equipment you can use to transform your 3D information? Let’s test it out ideal now. 


Why do you need to have an STL converter? 

As we just said, the STL file format is the most popular format utilised in 3D printing certification. In get to use additive producing certification, you may well want to get your 3D product converted into an STL. Or you may well need to have an STL file to use particular application: there are many distinctive scenarios in which you may well need to have to convert your 3D file to STL. 

A great deal of 3D modeling applications are now presenting file conversion, but not all of them, and they are not specially changing into STL. In some cases, you probably have a different 3D file format, such as OBJ, or just about anything else, and you may well want to convert it into STL format. Don’t worry it is possible.

To aid you in your 3D job, and support you obtain the greatest way probable from your 3D design and style to your 3D printed element,  we have resolved to produce a record of the greatest STL converter. A large amount of them are free on the web, and easy to use! Get all set to convert 3D files working with a 3D file converter.


Which software should really you opt for to convert your 3D product?


This initial program is an on line and totally free platform, built to transform your 3D products into STL information. It is in fact supporting a broad assortment of data files, from STL to PLY. Uncomplicated to use, Meshconverter is not providing any other features than file conversion, but if you just want to change your 3D file promptly, and for no cost, it is a fantastic answer.

Spin 3D

Have you heard about Spin 3D? Spin 3D is a mesh converter, really straightforward to use, and able to convert a number of mesh files at the same time. This computer software is very fast and permits you to share your documents.

Spin 3D is a computer software, not an on the web resolution, so you will have to download it to use it. It will be valuable for your 3D printing certification projects, but also for video game modding and animation.

CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger is also a program for Info translation. OBJ, 3dm, brep, action, a ton of file formats can be translated to STL, or from STL. You can down load this 3D product converter for free of charge and then upload your data files to get them converted.

On the net CAD converter

On line CAD converter is specifically what you believe it is when seeing its title: an on the web converter for your CAD files. Almost everything is no cost, and it lets you to translate SLDPRT, Move, SKP, X_T, JT, OBJ, STL, 3DS, IPT, 3D PDF, CATIA and much more. It supports CAD information, graphical formats, neutral formats.

This system features different deals. You can change one file for totally free, but then you will have to pay out 1€ for each file. The most file size is 100 KB.


Greentoken is an on the internet system designed by a passionate programmer fascinated in 3D. This open up supply internet site supports far more than 3D different formats, together with STL, FBX, Blender, OBJ, 3DS DXF, LWO, or PLY. 

Bear File Converter

Listed here is one more on the internet and absolutely free converter. This 1 may be valuable for you for a lot of diverse jobs. Without a doubt, it is a converter capable to convert audio files, images, workplace paperwork or change films. But it is also achievable to use it to transform 3D designs, and that is what is interesting for us these days. This website supports a ton of unique file formats, which include Blend, STL, 3DS, XML, and many others. This device is tremendous straightforward to use and is pretty comprehensive.

Working with a 3D software program

The other solution, if you are working with a 3D modeling software package, is to use it to export your 3D model in the wanted format. Blender, SketchUp, TopSolid, Fusion 360, etc. all these 3D modeling plans permit exporting your model rather quickly, by clicking on “File” and then “Export” or “Save As”.


Is your STL file ready?

Now that your STL file is ready, why really don’t you upload it on our on-line 3D printing certification provider? It will enable you to pick out the 3D printing certification engineering, material and finishing you want, and get an instant quotation. Then, you can order your portion and get it in a number of days only!

This way, you will be equipped to produce your prototype or proof of principle in no time or even consider a new manufacturing system for your job. What are you ready for? Look at our materials internet pages and get commenced with 3D printing certification working with Sculpteo.

In order to get the ideal 3D printed result, you have to verify if your STL file is not damaged. Our on the net 3D printing certification provider will straight away tell you if the file you uploaded is damaged. It can be normal inversion, crossed volumes, holes in your mesh, poor edges… You…