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3D Printing Certification

The ultimate guide to color 3D printing


Kat Plewa on Nov 6, 2019 |

Color 3D printing certification technological know-how is essentially much more readily available than you may possibly consider. If you’re a designer, 3D artist, architect or hobbyist, you can appreciate it correct on your desk or get qualified complete-shade 3D models. Which technologies are most created? And which multicolor 3D know-how is the greatest for you? Let’s find out!


Coloration 3D printing certification has been all around considering the fact that 2005, but in spite of becoming a extremely youthful know-how, it presently presents a ton of design and style and production answers. Commonly, we can divide colour 3D printing certification into direct and indirect systems. Direct colour 3D printing certification utilizes a filament that previously incorporates a colour. Oblique color 3D printing certification applies the color from an external supply. Which technology will be better for your output? Let’s locate out!

Direct colour 3D printing certification

Direct shade 3D printing certification lets you to use a vibrant filament to 3D print your versions. It functions with FDM technological innovation. You can reach bright colors and awesome particulars, dependent on the 3D printer and the high quality of filament you get. Immediate coloration 3D printing certification, even so, won’t let you to blend the colours, so the influence won’t be photograph-sensible.


FDM: one extruder

It is achievable to achieve vibrant prints even if the FDM printer has just a one extruder. What do you require to do to realize that? When you send out your 3D files for 3D printing certification, set various responsibilities using your slicing program. The program will deliver a g-code with instructions for the 3D printer to cease at a particular stage. Then you change out the filament and the printing job is restarted.


Whilst it is the most clear way, it can be quite time-consuming and a little bit risky. But there are also solutions in which you use a person extruder to combine many filaments. Then, your model needs to incorporate details about which sections use particular shades, and the machine outputs the colors into the extruder. The movie down below reveals this situation of multicolor 3D printing certification.


Palette 2 & Palette 2 Pro: The next generation of multi-material 3D printing


FDM: various extruders

Another alternative for direct coloration 3D printing certification is 3D printers with numerous extruders. This is not such a new development, a twin extruder is applied especially for printing dissolvable supports. But you can also use them to print with two hues of filaments. There are distinctive devices available on the sector, some with even 4 extruders.


Indirect coloration 3D printing certification

Indirect colour 3D printing certification applies the shade from an exterior source through the printing procedure. This technological know-how is substantially additional specific and lets for a more sensible visual appearance of the 3D prints, but in most conditions, the course of action involves expert know-how. It is significant for you to remember that indirect coloration 3D printing certification takes advantage of CMYK colour mode and you need to get that into thought when preparing your design.


ColorJet technological innovation

With ColorJet technological innovation you have a preference of 36 000 shades! Your 3D information require to have the color and texture information and facts just before it is sent for multicolor 3D printing certification. Throughout the 3D printing certification course of action, fine, sandstone-like powder is made use of. A layer of the content is spread, then the printing heads implement colour that adheres to the layer. The up coming layer is spread and the procedure repeats.


The outcomes are rather remarkable! Thanks to the wide array of colours, you can accomplish so a lot extra than with direct color 3D printing certification. This answer is specially exciting for designers to present evidence of concepts to their customers, architects to make visual products, and for video game character manufacturing.


PolyJet engineering


PolyJet technological know-how is effective with liquid resin and prints at outstanding 16 microns which assures extremely good detail and very good area end of your 3D styles. In concerning the layers, color is applied and healed with UV light. This know-how lets you modify even the degree of transparency of the colors.


HP Jet Fusion


Introducing HP Jet Fusion 300/500 Series | HP 3D Printing | HP


HP’s 3D printing certification answers are innovative in the globe of Additive Production certification. HP’s engineers commenced by finding out gentle and how to use it in purchase to develop evenly colored 3D printing certification, at the high quality of common 2D printers. 


Their coloration 3D printer makes use of an ground breaking binding agent to fuse the plastic powder locally. The coloration is used at a degree of 3D printing certification DNA identified as the ‘’voxel’’, a 3-dimensional pixel. Many thanks to that you can reach coloration 3D printing certification even with pretty elaborate objects.