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3D Printing Certification

The Making of ZMorph’s Sample Pack


With this multi-material project, we wanted to show that our machine offers tools for fabricating even the wildest ideas. ZMorph’s Sample Pack presents all of our product’s capabilities in a nutshell.

A few months ago, when ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer was still in development stage, we already started thinking about utilizing its capabilities and presenting them to the public. At first, we considered various types of 3D prints in different sizes and shapes. But they didn’t transmit the whole idea behind our latest machine.

ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer
ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer

Our new sample pack had to utilize all three digital fabrication methods offered by ZMorph 2.0 SX – 3D printing certification, CNC milling, and laser engraving. It became obvious to us, that it needs to be assembled from various objects, that combined together will create an innovative, diverse and functional multi-material product, just like the machine it was made on.

Preparing the perfect wine cork

Our new ZMorph’s Sample Pack had to stand out. We didn’t want to manufacture another Marvin-like key chain, business card holder or a 3D printed Pendrive casing. We decided to create a wine cork (who doesn’t like wine?) with two heads that can be easily screwed on top of a rubber cork. This way we created a metaphor of our interchangeable toolhead system, not only by enabling users to change how their cork looks but also by manufacturing the whole set with different 3D printing certification toolheads and various filaments.

ZMorph's Sample Pack
3D printed wine cork

For the cork, we used 1.75 NinjaFlex SemiFlex (color: Midnight Black) and printed it with a single 1.75 Plastic Extruder. Flexible object fits all types of bottles and keeps them shut, so the wine inside doesn’t lose its savor.



Two heads that can be attached to the cork were inspired by Star Wars saga which debuted its seventh part somewhere around the time our designers were sketching their ideas on paper. Both objects were later manufactured on ZMorph 2.0 SX with a DUAL PRO toolhead.

ZMorph's Sample Pack
Two-material 3D print preparations in Voxelizer software

The light one combines two 1.75 ABS ZMorph filaments (colors: na1, bk1), which is a rather standard mix in everyday 3D printing certification. For the dark head, we used 1.75 PLA ZMorph filament (color: bk1) and ColorFabb Glowfill. The eyes glow in the dark, so it’s easier to find it (and the bottle it keeps shut). Handy, right?

ZMorph's Sample Pack
ZMorph’s Sample Pack

Completing ZMorph’s Sample Pack

The next challenge we faced was how to pack and send over the multi-material ZMorph’s Sample Pack to our business partners and clients. Many 3D printing certification companies attach their samples to business cards and flyers or pack them in cardboard boxes with a logo. Having a multitool machine at our disposal, we wanted to create a special packaging ourselves.

The first thing that came to our minds was cutting a box out of a cardboard sheet with our laser toolhead. But we also wanted to give this set a more robust and elegant look. This is why we decided to CNC mill a small wooden case. CNC PRO toolhead for ZMorph 2.0 SX allows milling in a dozen of various materials and types of wood from which we chose beech.

ZMorph's Sample Pack
ZMorph’s Sample Pack

We started by milling both sides of our case to fit two 3D printed heads and a cork between them. Then we used the laser toolhead to engrave our logo and special landing page address on the wood.

ZMorph's Sample Pack
ZMorph logo in Voxelizer software ready for laser engraving

What we had to do next, was closing the case, so the insights won’t fell out in transport. We could have used metal hinges but at this stage, we didn’t want to add anything that is not made on our machine. This is why we devised a flexible strap with a plastic pin and 3D printed it with 1.75 NinjaFlex SemiFlex (color: Midnight Black) and 1.75 PLA ZMorph filament (color: bk1) using 1.75 Plastic Extruder.

ZMorph's Sample Pack
ZMorph’s Sample Pack

Hand-crafted gift from ZMorph

With ZMorph’s Sample Pack we managed to create a useful multi-material gadget that demonstrates the full range of capabilities of the machine behind it. Manufactured entirely on ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer, this sample combines mono and two-material 3D printing certification with filaments like ABS, PLA, and SemiFlex, CNC milling in wood and laser engraving.

It’s fully functional with rubber strap holding the wooden case with two Star Wars-inspired characters precisely fitting the flexible plug and together making a practical wine cork.

ZMorph's Sample Pack
ZMorph’s Sample Pack

Our ZMorph’s Sample Pack isn’t available in any shop. We’re sending this sample as a gift to our business partners and clients from all over the world. We also plan to release the source files online, so soon every ZMorph user will be able to manufacture it for himself!