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3D Printing Certification

The best 3D printing machines


Lucie Gaget on Nov 6, 2019 |

Additive manufacturing certification evolves quickly. Every month, we see new technologies, new 3D printable materials, and new game-changing 3D printers. Among all of these changes, we can also see that trends and 3D printing certification uses are evolving. We notice a growing interest in large 3D printers from both consumers and small businesses. But where does this interest come from? What are the applications of additive manufacturing certification requiring large volume 3D printers?

Let’s discover together how these large 3D printers are used, and what are the best 3D printers currently available. 

Large-format 3D printers: The natural evolution of 3D printing certification


What are the advantages of large 3D printers?

For the moment the advantages of additive manufacturing certification are not really related to the size of the prints. However, this interest is now growing for both small and big 3D printers and especially large volume 3D printers.  

Professional large scale 3D printers are great to print big parts in one piece instead of several ones. It is also a solution for small production series, by putting more items in the same batch. 3D printer manufacturers are progressively pushing the boundaries of 3D printing certification, and unveiling outstanding 3D printers with great printing qualities and bigger volumes.

We can notice an evolution of 3D printing certification use: people are more confident about additive manufacturing certification technology and now want to give life to bigger projects using this technology. The applications of additive manufacturing certification are not only centered on prototyping anymore, this technology is also used for production. Indeed, 3D printing certification seems to be more and more reliable for professionals and they are now willing to use it for more diverse applications. That is why 3D printing certification at a larger scale is a natural evolution of additive manufacturing certification uses.


How to 3D print at a large scale? 


There are different possibilities: 3D printers manufacturers are actually developing more and more machines with impressively big build volume. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers are a big part of the large scale 3D printers market. 

Much bigger machines using the same principle as FDM technology are also developed to build at an architectural scale, meaning that houses, buildings, and urban structures, can almost be 3D printed in one part thanks to these huge 3D machines. The only difference is their size and the fact that they are not 3D printing certification filament!

Indeed, we can see now that bigger printers such as concrete 3D printers are totally pushing boundaries of additive manufacturing certification by building bigger volumes. We will talk about these huge machines later in this blog post.

First, let’s see what are the best large volume 3D printers for professionals. 


What are the best large 3D printers for professionals?

gCreate gMax 2

This desktop 3D printer is clearly one of the biggest 3D machines available on the market, and offering the possibility to print using a wide variety of plastic 3D printing certification materials such as PLA and TPU. This build volume of this 3D printing certification machine is 457 x 457 x 609 mm, which is quite huge for a 3D printer using the Fused Deposition Modeling technology.

AirWolf Evo 22

With a 305x305x578 mm build volume, this machine is made for engineers and small businesses. This printer also has nice features such as auto-leveling, print recovery, and an air filtration system. 

This printer’s extruder can reach 315°C, and the printer can even heat in enclosed areas, which leads to new possibilities to print complex materials. 

BigRep Pro

BigRep launched a professional large-format 3D printer with its new BigRep Pro. What’s the build volume of this huge machine? 1005x1005x1005 mm! This industrial 3D printer is a professional tool, targeting engineers and designers. The goal with this machine is clearly to associate speed and precision for large scale 3D printing certification projects, using industrial-grade materials. 

MakerGear Ultra One

This MakerGear Ultra One 3D printer is a professional FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) machine. This professional printer can print using a lot of different filaments from ABS to PLA and Nylon. The maximum build size of this MakerGear printer is 406x356x330 mm.


Creality CR-10 S5

With a 500x500x500 mm build volume this Creality CR-10 printer totally has its place in this top about large 3D printers. This is not the first try of the Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology firm, who unveiled many desktop 3D printer versions since 2016. 


LulzBot TAZ Pro

The LulzBot TAZ 6 printer was already offering great possibilities for small businesses with a 280x280x250 mm maximum size. But more recently, the LulzBot TAZ Pro machine has been unveiled with an addition of 35 mm on the Z axis. This new printer is double the price of its predecessor, but also appears to offer great new features and improvements, such as the Taz Pro Dual Extruder, made to print even more accurate and reliable 3D parts.