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Stomach muscles: CNC Machining Resources Overview – ZMorph Weblog


Easily machinable Stomach muscles can be utilised each for 3D printing certification and CNC milling. Thanks to the multitool abilities of ZMorph VX, you can do equally making use of only a person device. Read additional for recommendations & tricks on CNC machining Ab muscles product.

CNC PRO milling toolhead, ABS sheet and two CNC machined ABS samples
CNC Professional milling toolhead and Abdominal muscles samples

What is Stomach muscles?

Ab muscles is a prevalent thermoplastic that is recognised for its higher impact toughness, excellent warmth resistance, and outstanding machinability. It can be utilized the two for 3D printing certification and CNC milling, but in this post, we will target on CNC machining Abdominal muscles. For a tutorial to 3D printing certification, check out our other piece on Abdominal muscles. 

The qualities and cost-success of Abs make this substance a great preference for different prototyping applications. A lot more on that later.

ZMorph VX with CNC PRO milling toolhead attached and ABS sample.
CNC machined Ab muscles sample

How to CNC Equipment Abs?

The sturdy created of ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printers make it a great CNC milling device for plastics like Ab muscles. Depending on the wished-for final result, you can either reduce or engrave Stomach muscles sheets making use of CNC Professional milling toolhead. Here’s how.

ABS sheet mounted on ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer
Abdominal muscles sheet ready to be CNC reduce

Voxelizer Configurations

Dependent on what you want to attain and the thickness of your Ab muscles sheet you can properly pick out involving 1-15 mm/s milling velocity. Really don’t go in much too deep simply because the conclusion mill can clog, which will end result in a failed challenge.

Workpiece Keeping

For a thorough guideline on workpiece holding, we’ve prepared yet another posting. You can read it listed here. Right content mounting is a crucial aspect through CNC milling. If the materials is loose, the perform will most very likely are unsuccessful.

ABS material
Abs samples

You can use the standard clamps delivered with ZMorph VX Comprehensive Set for mounting Abdominal muscles sheets to the CNC worktable or use a stron double-sided foam tape. 

End Mills

The conclusion mills delivered with the ZMorph VX Complete Established and the CNC Pleasurable Pack readily available in our retail outlet can be utilized for successful CNC machining Stomach muscles.


For your possess protection we endorse CNC milling with closed handles

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer, CNC PRO milling toolhead and ABS material
Abdominal muscles sheet ready to be CNC machined

Abs Applications

The broadly popular Ab muscles plastic has many purposes but is generally applied in prototyping. Other favored Abdominal muscles apps include things like casings, protecting things, and auto sections. 


ABS plastic sample
Plastic address created from Abdominal muscles
ABS plastic sample
Plastic deal with produced from Ab muscles

Health and fitness & Protection

Abdominal muscles is a quite harmless content to use, but you will need to bear in thoughts that when burned or melted it emits fumes that may possibly be unsafe. Often function in a very well-ventilated area and if you really feel dizzy or your head commences to damage, stop your work, leave the place and seize some fresh air. 

ABS sample and ZMorph VX
Abdominal muscles sample

As constantly we remind you to be careful all over the equipment, in particular if it is turned on. Any unfastened items of outfits or extensive hair may possibly get tangled into the transferring elements of the machine and cause you harm. Do not touch the relocating components of the equipment even though it is functioning.

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