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3D Printing Certification

Start your own jewelry business with our easy guide


Katarzyna Plewa on Feb 6, 2019 |


Jewelry has been around for centuries, it has already been known in ancient Egypt as the archeology shows. Starting your own jewelry business might seem overwhelming, but it’s not as hard as you might think. To help you out we prepared for you a simple guide to opening your first jewelry business. We will also show you how 3D printing certification can improve your designs and make your first steps in the industry much more simple. And as proof, we will also talk about the best examples of 3D printed jewelry businesses.


Our easy guide to start a jewelry business

We will introduce you to the most important steps you have to take to start your own jewelry business. You will learn where to start, how to build your business plan, marketing strategy and if you should set your business online or local. You will see that with a smart plan, starting your own jewelry business is achievable.


1. What type of jewelry are you planning to make?

Make sure you know what your style of jewelry is. Are you going to make distinguished watches or precious metal rings? Asking yourself this question is essential for the start of your jewelry business. Make sure you consider all the possibilities, for example, you might like wearing rings, but you have to keep in mind designing them would require producing adjustable rings or different sizes. Prepare your jewelry designs and choose your niche. It will help you with the next step- pick up the target group.


A part of your business plan is also creating the brand. You need to pick a business name which will correspond the best with your jewelry designs. Logo and branding are also essential for your brand to be easily recognizable. Otherwise, your customers won’t remember your company or you as a designer and they won’t purchase from you again.

An example of a 3D printed ring


2. Create your buyer persona

Putting it very simply, a buyer persona is your potential client. Let’s say you decided to create a collection of sterling silver 3D printed bracelets. Who would be interested in this product? Your audience would probably be millennials rather than baby boomers. Your 3D printed bracelet would probably be bought by a boyfriend for his girlfriend rather than a grandma for her granddaughter. There’s a high chance your typical client would be female, however, that only depends on your designs. Maybe male millennials would be a great niche to set as a target group?


It will help you to do research on other designers 3D printing certification their bracelets; who is their audience? How do they reach them? Check the industry and try to gather as much data as possible. Maybe you will notice that your future competitors don’t sell a specific material that you could check out.


Make sure you have a clear vision on your target group, otherwise you won’t be able to reach them through dedicated channels. It is as simple as writing down a list.


3. Establish costs

Starting a jewelry business often doesn’t require a huge amount of investment. It’s mostly the cost of tools and materials. If you think your business would require larger contributions maybe you should have a look at crowdfunding solutions. Then you have to also consider that people helping you actually paid for the products and you have to deliver them.


Carrying on with our 3D printed jewelry business, we would suggest using an online 3D printing certification service. An important cost to consider then is 3D modeling software license, however, there are plenty of free options. Next is the production, the costs depend on the material you use. When you choose to produce your 3D printed bracelets online, then all you need is to upload your 3D model and you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing process at all.


You thought about the production process, that’s great. But you still need to deliver your products. Even if you open a jewelry studio, but you are also selling online, you need to ask yourself if you want to target just your own country or you will decide to ship your jewelry to Europe, US, worldwide.


Lastly, when your company grows a bit, keep in mind to deliver the highest standards. Branding, such as business cards and packaging for your jewelry is very important to build trust and give a satisfying customer experience.