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3D Printing Certification

Polish Faculties to Function with ZMorph VX 3D Printers – ZMorph Site


ZMorph outfitted 39 educational facilities in Toruński province with the all-in-one particular 3D printers as the firm received the tender for a component of the EU-supported educational job “EU-Geniusz”.

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.

ZMorph outfitted 39 educational facilities (primarily elementary) as a part of the “EU-Geniusz in a 3D world” venture to provide new technological innovation to instruction. The whole charge of the project estimates at 4 mln PLN (~1 mln USD), and around 1/4 of the amount consists of the ZMorph tender. 

EU-Genius in a 3D Environment

“EU-Geniusz” project is carried out concerning May well 2019 and June 2023 as a partnership concerning 10 neighborhood governments in the Toruński province. The venture engages 2500 students, 220 academics, and 39 educational institutions. The students will be attending 5 distinct unique classes that are to develop their mathematics, IT, coming up with, programming, and robotic skills entirely more than 30,000 hrs of courses. They will be performed using experimental teaching skills and 3D printing certification. For that objective, the colleges have been geared up with 3D printers, computer systems, and robots that can be programmed. 

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
ZMorph VX throughout a training session for academics.

“EU-Geniusz in a 3D world” (pol. “EU-Geniusz w świecie 3D”) is a continuation of two preceding editions and every of them is a simple implementation of partnership among local governments that Toruński province has promoted considering the fact that 2009. 

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
ZMorph VX all through a training session for teachers.

The project aims at investing in both of those learners and teachers to attain better training and help learners with long term jobs. 1st “EU-Geniusz” classes are planned for September unless the universities will keep closed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. 

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
Developing a G-Code in Voxelizer.

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Why ZMorph VX?

Dorota Semenowicz, who is the coordinator of the job, claims they intended to provide contemporary innovations into school rooms, so the students can understand in an ideal technological surroundings. 

ZMorph VXs bought for the venture are not only large-high quality 3D printers, but also enable for subtractive production with interchangeable toolheads

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
CNC milling with ZMorph VX.

“Neither faculties nor communes would be equipped to do these types of a order. The educational facilities are provided only with the tools, materials, and aids required to teach the main curriculum. The 3D printers acquired for the venture with the EU cash outperform other devices on the industry because of to the potential to transform toolheads, which will allow for 3D printing certification with several filaments, laser engraving, and CNC milling”, states Semenowicz.

Completely 41 ZMorph 3D printers delivered to Toruński province and will be applied by 39 universities in the space. 

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EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
Laser engraving with ZMorph VX.

Training, Initially Situation Studies 

As a component of the settlement, ZMorph started out a series of training for the lecturers that will be working with ZMorph VXs throughout the challenge. Except due to the coronavirus pandemic educational institutions remain shut, we can hope pupils to start functioning with 3D printing certification up coming month. We forecast that the initial circumstance scientific tests will be introduced on ZMorph Site at the conclude of this calendar year.

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
ZMorph VX through a training session for instructors.