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3D Printing Certification

PMMA: 3D Printing Elements Overview – ZMorph Site


PMMA is not only a transparent 3D printing certification filament but also reveals some attention-grabbing features that make it a fantastic preference for UV resistant versions and casings. Read below to understand about PMMA.

3D printed PMMA model with ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer.
ZMorph VX & 3D printed PMMA model.

What Is PMMA?

PMMA stands for polymethyl methacrylate. It’s a thermoplastic content showcasing scratch and effects resistance, higher tensile and flexural strength, and UV tolerance. PMMA is transparent and hard and can be used in several strategies in 3D printing certification. Extra on applications later on.

PMMA is also called acrylic or acrylic glass because it resembles the standard glass, but thanks to its attributes it can be correctly 3D printed. It is fifty percent as dense as glass and its effects energy is considerably decreased, but it is lighter, more cost-effective, and maintains transparency, which can be effective in specified instances. 

3D printed PMMA model with ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer.
ZMorph VX & 3D printed PMMA model.

How to 3D Print with PMMA?

PMMA is one of the fewer popular 3D printing certification filaments and is not as simple to print as PLA or Stomach muscles. That becoming explained, you can correctly generate PMMA versions applying ZMorph VX All-In-Just one 3D Printer if you abide by these strategies. 

Voxelizer Configurations

By default, Voxelizer computer software doesn’t exhibit PMMA preset in 3D printing certification settings. You can insert it from the filament library, though. Click the icon with a filament and discover the PMMA preset (see the photo down below).

Voxelizer screenshot showing filament settings.
Voxelizer screenshot showing filament options.

Other configurations these as sturdiness or infill count on your individual preferences. The more infill you use the less transparent your model will be.


PMMA desires adhesive glue to stick adequately to the printing bed. Consider an adhesive agent if the 1st layer fails. 

PMMA Printing & Mattress Temperature

The printing temperature from PMMA ranges concerning 230 and 250ºC and the mattress temperature of the 3D printer must be set to 60ºC. Reduced temperature may possibly bring about blobs that distort the materials transparency.

3D printing certification PMMA using ZMorph VX.
3D printed PMMA product on the printing bed of ZMorph VX.

Other Printer Configurations

Mainly because PMMA demands a stable 3D printing certification temperature it’s best to near the plastic addresses of ZMorph VX. Printing with open up handles could final result in defects in your design.

Come to feel free of charge to mingle with the printing pace options. Slower 3D printing certification typically results in greater layers and content alignments so generating the PMMA additional clear. 

3D printed PMMA light diffusor.
3D printed mild diffusor made on ZMorph VX.

PMMA Programs

Simply because of the transparency, PMMA has quite a few specific apps. It’s employed for optical apparatuses, UV resistant types, chemical devices, lamps, casings and lots of a lot more.

Underneath you can see a 3D printed sample of PMMA model. It’s a lights diffuser that can be hooked up to your image camera lamp. It was 3D printed making use of ZMorph VX and PMMA filament.


3D printed PMMA light diffusor.
3D printed PMMA gentle diffusor.
3D printed PMMA light diffusor.
3D printed PMMA light-weight diffusor.
3D printed PMMA light diffusor.
3D printed PMMA mild diffusor.

Health & Safety

Melted 3D printing certification filaments such as PMMA emit fumes that may bring about dizziness and are harmful to breathe in. Generally try to remember to ventilate the home with the 3D printer properly and steer clear of performing in the nearest scene. In actuality, it is ideal to stay away from currently being in the identical place whilst the device is 3D printing certification to minimize the quantity of fumes you may possibly inhale. 

ZMorph VX operates on high temperatures, the Solitary Extruder heats up to 250ºC, and you may perhaps burn off your self very easily if you contact the device. Wait around right until the unit cools down prior to getting out your prints. 

3D printed PMMA light diffusor.
Remember about proper air flow although 3D printing certification.

Extra Elements for ZMorph VX 

In case you skipped it, we’ve just lately printed ZMorph Resources Library. A complete, 100-web pages document on virtually 50 elements out there for ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer. Find out about their most essential capabilities and applications, and find out the technical facts.  

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