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PET-G: 3D Printing Components Overview – ZMorph Web site


The rising level of popularity of PET-G as a go-to filament for 3D printing certification can be noticed the two in social media and skilled manufacturing. We’d like to target on this form of content and give you tips 3D printing certification with it utilizing ZMorph VX.

ZMorph 1.75 Plastic Extruder, PET-G filament spool and 3D printed motorcycle lamp.
PET-G filament is best for 3D printing certification conclude sections.

What is PET-G? 

Regular PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a extremely well-known plastic utilised for drink bottles, sailcloths or different containers. Mixing it with glycol (hence “G” in the title) tends to make the filament additional useful and useful for 3D printing certification due to the fact it stops corrosion and crystallization effects that can make regular PET much more fragile. 

PET-G filaments are resistant to temperatures and most liquids. They exhibit secure proportions, no shrinkage, very good thermal and scratch resistance, and great electrical attributes.

Many prototypes and remaining task of Raspberry Pi casing.

How to 3D Print with PET-G?

PET-G brings together Abdominal muscles durability with PLA printability. Its features make it a great solution for specialists searching for a trusted filament for their initiatives. Down below you are going to discover some tips on how to make 3D printed PET-G types with ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer.

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer and PET-G sample.
Clear crimson PET-G filament

Voxelizer Settings

Although ZMorph 3D Printers are suitable with other software, we extremely really encourage you to use Voxelizer for 3D printing certification for the reason that you can discover devoted presets for our machine.

After selecting the printer, toolhead, and nozzle, upload your design and carry on to options. There, only find PET-G from filament presets, choose on high-quality, sturdiness, and supports and you are very good to go. If you never see PET-G in the dropdown menu, you have to obtain the preset from the on the web library. To do that go to Filament preset list and simply click the “Open filament library wizard” icon. Find the ideal preset and increase it to your library.


Use adhesive agent for the great very first layer. If you struggle with warping and poor layer adhesion, verify the ZMorph Academy. In the Fundamental course, there’s a 3D printing certification troubleshooting lesson which addresses a great deal of frequent challenges.

PET-G Printing & Bed Temperature

According to our inside tests, the exceptional temperature for 3D printing certification from PET-G ZMorph 1.75 Filament is 230-250°C. In that scenario, the bed temperature really should be all-around 60-80°C.

Raspberry Pi in PET-G housing
Raspberry Pi in PET-G circumstance

Other Printer Options

PET-G behaves most effective in a shut chamber. To acquire a perfect print, close the plastic handles of ZMorph VX.

PET-G Purposes

The rigid PET-G plastic can be utilized in many fields. The most well known apps are electronic equipment housings, containers, bottles, clear aspects or photography add-ons. Down below you can see some sample prints designed of PET-G.


Raspberry Pi casing made from PET-G
Raspberry Pi case produced from PET-G
Motorcycle lamp made from PET-G
Bike lamp 3D printed with PET-G

Health and fitness & Protection

While PET-G hardly emits fumes and is not a toxic content, we advise always performing in a effectively-ventilated spot. The fumes created by melting plastic may possibly bring about dizziness and other uncomfortable sensations. Need to such a condition happen, halt work immediately and get some clean air. If the indicators do not cease, call a medical doctor. 

The moving parts of ZMorph VX can suck in free pieces of your outfits or prolonged hair. Touching the device although performing, primarily the movable pieces can also be risky. 

Immediately after the device finishes the work, permit it neat down before taking out your 3D printed PET-G design. 

Red transparent PET-G filament and ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer
Red clear PET-G filament

PET-G ZMorph 1.75 Filament 

Our branded collection of 3D printing certification filaments was comprehensively analyzed on ZMorph VX Multitiool 3D Printers and put together with Voxelizer presets promise greatest outcomes and no clogging. Pay a visit to the on line shop and get acquainted with our supply.

Grey PET-G ZMorph 1.75 filament
Grey PET-G ZMorph 1.75 filament

If you want to understand more about PET-G and other elements appropriate with ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printers, look at out ZMorph Elements Library. The in depth doc is made up of specialized details and sample applications for nearly 50 engineering materials for each additive and subtractive producing with our machine. Be sure to read through other posts on 3D printing certification products on our website and go away a comment if you want to study much more. 

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