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Optomec releases new interchangeable LENS Deposition Head for optimized DED processing


Optomec, the Albuquerque-centered firm behind Aerosol Jet Printing technology, has released the Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) Deposition Head (LDH 3.X), which ensures optimized directed vitality deposition (DED).

“As metallic additive production certification buyers go on to request bigger laser powers, speedier speeds, and improved deposition rates to optimize generation, they do not want to sacrifice the good quality of the create,” said Tom Cobbs, LENS product or service supervisor at Optomec. “Controlling electric power density through processing becomes a vital variable.” 

“The new LDH 3.X is a marked development in sophistication for DED processing. Its flexibility, robustness, and relieve-of-use empower the consumer to regulate laser electrical power density at the workpiece for ideal success throughout a huge array of industrial applications.”

Optomec’s new LDH 3.X laser deposition head allows maximum flexibility for optimal DED building over a full range of laser powers. Photo via Optomec Inc.
Optomec’s new LDH 3.X laser deposition head lets utmost adaptability for best DED constructing above a comprehensive range of laser powers. Photo via Optomec Inc.

The LDH 3.X Laser deposition head 

LENS programs use a substantial electric power laser (from 500W to 3kW) to fuse powdered metals into entirely dense 3D constructions. The LDH 3.X, built-in into Optomec’s metallic 3D printing certification devices, like the LENS CS 600 and CS 800, and is enabled by an advanced cooling program for large-electricity duty cycles, and variable optics.

Quite a few features of the LDH 3.X include enhanced channeling for h2o cooling the head, as very well as a swift hook up/disconnect nozzle program to interchange nozzle sorts depending on the software (i.e. 4-idea, coax, high overhang, etc.). Also, the LDH 3.X is incapable of overheating whilst running at substantial powers and for extensive develop situations.

This laser deposition head is made to be effective for a wide range of industrial apps including small to large builds, large deposition costs at higher powers, repairs, coatings, and cladding operations. It capabilities a .6 mm targeted location measurement for processing smaller elements or intricate feature constructing, and 2 or 3 mm concentrated spot measurements for amplified laser powers for greater builds or clad variety functions.

A chip with 3D printed interconnects designed with Aerosol Jet Printing. Photo via Optomec.

Laser Engineered Internet Shaping 

Previously this yr, Optomec entered into a reselling agreement with Phillips Federal, a main machine software provider for the U.S. authorities, to combine LENS techniques to the military services. This procedure blows the steel powdered feedstock by way of a nozzle and melts it on make contact with with a laser array.

Previously, to enable LENS mend foundation for gas turbines and engines, Optomec acquired South Carolina CNC and laser cladding device supplier Huffman LLC. LENS has also identified apps within maintenance, fix and overhaul services, the repair service of legacy components, and decreasing waste.

The Optomec LENS LDH 3.X is obtainable promptly for most Optomec LENS process styles from $10,000 to upgrade from LDH 2.. Variable optics and nozzle forms are sold independently.

The Optomec LENS 860 closed atmosphere hybrid <a href=additive manufacturing certification system. Photo via Optomec” width=”4512″ height=”3008″ srcset=” 4512w,×100.jpg 150w,×683.jpg 1024w,×513.jpg 770w,×133.jpg 200w,×333.jpg 500w” sizes=”(max-width: 4512px) 100vw, 4512px”/>
The Optomec LENS 860 shut atmosphere hybrid additive producing certification system. Photo via Optomec.

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Featured impression shows Optomec’s new LDH 3.X laser deposition head allows highest flexibility for optimum DED making about a full selection of laser powers. Image by means of Optomec Inc.