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Nylon: CNC Machining Resources Overview – ZMorph Site


In our series of resources overview it is time to concentrate on nylon. This content is simple to equipment on ZMorph VX and has a lot of actual-everyday living apps. Study about ideas and tips for nylon CNC milling down below.

Nylon and ZMorph CNC PRO Milling Toolhead
ZMorph VX is able of CNC milling in nylon many thanks to the CNC Pro toolhead.

What Is Nylon?

Nylon (or polyamide) is an engineering thermoplastic that is effortless to equipment and can serve as numerous end-components. It’s characterised by outstanding abrasion resistance, higher impression strength and superior mechanical attributes. What is a lot more, nylon can be utilized as an electric insulation. It is lightweight, features superior tensile toughness and minimal friction. This substance doesn’t burn up – it just melts. 

CNC nylon
CNC machined nylon areas.

How to CNC Machine Nylon?

If you want to start 2D or 3D milling in nylon applying ZMorph VX, we endorse working with Voxelizer software program for this objective. Scroll down for recommendations & methods on nylon CNC milling with ZMorph All-In-A single equipment. 

CNC milled nylon cogwheels and ZMorph CNC PRO milling toolhead
CNC milled nylon cogwheels.

Voxelizer Settings

Even though deciding on the toolhead you ought to also specify no matter whether you want to execute 2D or 3D milling in nylon. Both equally solutions are readily available and count on what you want to attain. Dependent on our inside screening, nylon is finest machined with speeds 1-12 mm/s. You can discover even much more settings for CNC milling in Voxelizer Experimental model.

Workpiece Keeping

Improper workpiece keeping will most in all probability finish in a failed attempt. For that reason we’ve geared up a in depth guideline on product workholding for you. There are many techniques how to properly mount nylon on the CNC worktable, but the best is to use clamps transported with just about every ZMorph VX. 

Close Mills

It is ideal to use solitary and double flute stop mills from our bundle pack obtainable by way of ZMorph on the net store.


It is best to CNC mill with closed covers in get to limit chips spreading in close proximity to the device. Vacuum from time to time during more substantial initiatives due to the fact the end mill can clog. 

Nylon sample on ZMorph VX CNC worktable
Prepared sample of nylon CNC milling with ZMorph VX.

Nylon Programs

Nylon has a large amount of programs. It can be made use of as cogwheels, dampening factors or put on blocks. Nylon is also made use of for machining jigs and fixtures. Beneath you can see some real-everyday living nylon purposes. 


Nylon CNC samples
3 unique kinds of cogwheels CNC milled using ZMorph VX.
Nylon insulating washers
Nylon insulating washers made using ZMorph VX.

Well being & Basic safety

Never contact the transferring pieces of the device whilst it is working. Some components of the machine may get added incredibly hot so it’s a excellent idea to wait around until eventually it cools down just before eliminating your challenge. 

ZMorph VX operates on substantial speeds and there’s a really serious danger of accidents, so be more mindful when doing work with the machine. 

CNC nylon cogwheels
CNC milled nylon close-areas.

Far more Resources for Subtractive and Additive Production certification

Aside from nylon for 3D printing certification, ZMorph VX operates with pretty much 50 other materials for additive and subtractive production. We’ve examined them all and the final results are presented in the ZMorph Materials Library. Master about all the features, applications and specialized facts in the 100-web pages doc.

ZMorph Materials Library