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Neoprene: Laser Engraving & Slicing – ZMorph Weblog


Understand how to laser cut neoprene to achieve numerous functional apps. We’re talking about the most vital options of the material, true-lifestyle examples, and ZMorph VX & Voxelizer settings.  

Burgundy neoprene.
Neoprene mounted on ZMorph VX CNC worktable.

What is Neoprene?

Neoprene is a style of artificial rubber. The material resembles light, gentle, and elastic foam, that exposes its qualities these as stain resistance and general durability. Furthermore, it has excellent temperature insulation qualities and is efficient versus shock damages. It arrives in a wide range of colors which adds to its esthetical values. The wide variety of programs incorporate shopper merchandise, insulators, and the automotive business.

With the suitable tool, neoprene can be laser slice or engraved. Follow the write-up to study how to do it using ZMorph VX All-in-A person 3D Printer.

Neoprene face mask.
Neoprene encounter mask laser cut utilizing ZMorph VX.

How to Laser Minimize & Engrave Neoprene with ZMorph VX?

Regretably, there’s no just one and only set of settings for laser chopping neoprene, since it depends on the thickness of the substance. That getting stated, in this article are some factors to think about although operating with neoprene.

Voxelizer Settings

For neoprene that is 2-3 mm thick we utilized the subsequent parameters:

  • Laser chopping: 5 mm/s 2 paths.
  • Laser engraving: 25 mm/s 1 path.

Mind you, the material you acquire can have a little bit different parameters, and for that reason you might require to refine the configurations.

Workpiece Keeping

The best way for mounting neoprene before laser slicing is to use plastic clips as noticed in the pictures under. You can also use a double-sided tape, but it is a significantly less handy solution.

Neoprene on VX CNC worktable.
How to mount neoprene on VX CNC worktable.
Neoprene on the VX CNC worktable.
Base view.

Other Options

Established the Laser Pro Toolhead all over 3 mm higher than the content. Close the handles of ZMorph VX. Never neglect to thoroughly ventilate the area.

Neoprene mounting.
We used compact plastic clips to secure the materials on the CNC worktable.

Neoprene Applications

This product can be found in wetsuits, encounter masks, electrical insulation, lover belts, and other several buyer goods this kind of as laptop sleeves or mobile phone circumstances. Below you can see a neoprene face mask created on ZMorph.


If you’d like to make this neoprene deal with mask yourself, you can come across the required files in this write-up. 

Neoprene face mask.
Neoprene experience mask with laser engraving.
Neoprene face masks.
Neoprene will come in a broad wide variety of hues.

Wellbeing & Protection

You really should acquire extra precautions even though operating with Laser Pro and ZMorph VX. The laser module is robust more than enough to melt away your skin or damage vision, that’s why you should to have on eye protection and never place hands less than a working device. 

ZMorph VX operates at higher speeds and temperatures, for that reason you should in no way touch going parts of the machine when it is operating. 

Burned neoprene may well emit uncomfortable fumes that could cause dizziness when inhaled in substantial amounts. Preferably, you ought to chorus from keeping in the exact same room as the doing work unit and ventilate the area completely. 

Neoprene face mask.
Yet another neoprene facial area mask.

Other Components for Laser Professional and ZMorph VX

Apart from the laser module, ZMorph VX offers 3D printing certification and CNC milling workflows. The a few fabrication approaches mixed indicate the equipment performs flawlessly with nearly 50 diverse engineering products. To discover them all, look at out the ZMorph Components Library, where you can come across the most significant details and sample conditions. Be certain to check out the ZMorph Blog for much more sophisticated tutorials and extensive content articles.

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