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Machining Wax: CNC Machining Materials Overview – ZMorph Blog site


A sensible solution for casting that is machining wax, can be simply formed working with a CNC milling device these as ZMorph VX All-In-1 3D Printer. Understand how.

CNC milling machining wax.
ZMorph VX can be turned into a CNC milling device with CNC Professional Milling Toolhead.

What is Machining Wax?

Machining wax is a time period for an exceptionally really hard artificial wax mixed with plastic that functions great machining properties, excellent of finish, and dimensional precision. The materials is recyclable and reusable, and is employed to make exact molds, prototypes, and jewelry.

CNC milling machining wax.
Machinable wax can be utilised as casting cores.

How to CNC Mill in Machining Wax?

Machining wax is believed to be an easy material for CNC machining (therefore the name). Underneath you’ll find practical strategies & methods on how to mill in machining wax with ZMorph VX.

Voxelizer Configurations

Primarily based on our internal tests, the pursuing configurations must produce the very best final results:

Chopping velocity – 1.75 mm/s
Direct in/out pace – 1.25 mm/s
Max. stage down – .15 mm

CNC milling machining wax.
Various illustrations of CNC machining wax.

Workpiece Holding

We recommend making use of double-sided foam tape to secure the material on the CNC worktable. Alternatively, you can use clamps but be watchful even though fastening the mount. Though machining wax is a comparatively really hard synthetic content, you can dent the sides by inserting the clamps far too tight.

End Mills

Though CNC milling in machining wax you can use common one flute conclusion mills. 

CNC milling in machining wax.
You can use double-sided foam tape to mount machining wax on the CNC worktable.


Machining wax can clog the finish mill, that is why it is significant to vacuum the within of the equipment whilst accomplishing large tasks. We propose also closing the addresses of ZMorph VX.

Machining Wax Programs

Due to its capabilities, machining wax is broadly applied for casting cores, molds, and CNC plan proofs


CNC machining wax.
CNC machining wax.
CNC machining wax.
CNC machining wax.

Health and fitness & Safety

Although CNC milling doesn’t make as quite a few fumes as 3D printing certification, you ought to continue to choose care of right air flow though working. The machine can deliver some sounds that is not risky to listening to but can be fatiguing. Take into consideration employing ear protection or leaving the space whilst ZMorph VX is CNC machining. If you pick to depart the area, make sure no one unskilled is about the device, and check on it from time to time.

Do not, below any conditions, touch the moving components of the equipment though it’s functioning. You are jeopardizing really serious accidents whilst undertaking so. Furthermore, make guaranteed no free element of apparel or extended hair will get sucked into the product. 

CNC machining wax.
Machining wax will come in various sizes and colors.

ZMorph Supplies Library

Apart from CNC machining, ZMorph VX can also 3D print and lower with lasers. Due to a broad wide range of elements out there for all three workflows, we’ve geared up a thorough manual to all alternatives you can have with ZMorph VX All-In-A single 3D Printer. The ZMorph Products Library includes practically 50 resources for subtractive and additive production certification, their programs, most important options, and technological info. There’s no capture – you can have it for free of charge by downloading through our web-site.

ZMorph Materials Library