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3D Printing Certification

Key Insights from the 3D Printing Job Market


Lucie Gaget on Jun 5, 2019 |

Have you downloaded our latest edition of the State of 3D printing certification? Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the main trends in the 3D printing certification industry. Indeed, the State of 3D printing certification is the biggest study about additive manufacturing certification: how is it used by professionals, what are the main advantages of this technology, and how could you start implementing it in your business strategy? This report will answer all your questions.

Today, we will focus on just one part of this report: the job market in the 3D printing certification industry. In this chapter, we deepened the aspect of workforce, careers, and potential of 3D printing certification.


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Who are the people working in 3D printing certification?


In the first part of this report, we focus on people actually working in the 3D printing certification industry. Who are they?

Actually, people answering our survey have more than 3 years of experience in this industry, meaning that now professionals are more and more experience with this technology. The majority of the respondents actually have completed a Master’s degree, and most of them have an engineering background.


Are companies planning to hire?


Additive manufacturing certification is a sector that is constantly evolving, and new applications are found every year. Businesses are also starting to implement this technology on more and more different levels of their companies. From tooling to prototyping or even production, every department of a company can actually make the most of additive manufacturing certification.

But in order to do that, you need to have more experienced people: that is why a majority of the respondents to our survey are planning to hire, to get a workforce with a great 3D printing certification knowledge and experience.

This also means that people working in this industry have a strong career advancement potential in 3D printing certification!


Which profiles are in demand?


To develop their use of 3D printing certification, we wanted to find out which profiles were in demand. We can see in this report that software engineers and technicians are among the most in-demand profiles, according to our respondents.

60% of the respondents say that they learned 3D printing certification on the job, meaning that most of the people actually working in the 3D printing certification industry didn’t specifically learn about this 3D technology during their formal education. This is also quite a concern in this industry, as training and education are among the main problems for growing the industry. To learn more about the job market in 3D printing certification, download our job market report.


Once again, we remind you that you can download our full study about 3D printing certification, all these reports are for free.

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