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Introducing Laser Pro Toolhead for ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer


We just introduced a new interchangeable Laser Pro toolhead which is additional compact, a lot more potent, speedier, and safer to use. It’s a excellent healthy for your workshop!

The new Laser Pro toolhead is suitable with all ZMorph multitool 3D printer products and will come at an engaging value.

Laser PRO toolhead
ZMorph 2. SX multitool 3D printer with the new Laser Pro toolhead

More highly effective and safer

Laser Pro toolhead is geared up with a 2.8W blue laser diode. It is 50% far more effective than the preceding design and can operate two times as quick. You can realize a higher stage of detail and considerably less overburns with it – just have a search at the samples underneath.

Laser PRO toolhead
Samples designed with the new Laser Pro toolhead
Laser PRO toolhead
Laser Pro toolhead in action

This new toolhead cuts and engraves in products like plywood, a variety of sorts of wooden, adhesive foils, cardboard, leather, acrylic glass, felt, and many others. It even enables production of doing the job PCBs!

Laser PRO toolhead
Laser-engraved PCBs with and without the need of electronics

Many thanks to the new electronics and CNC-slash aluminum entire body with a developed-in cooling method, the toolhead is more compact and lighter than the former product, which helps make it simpler to mount and use. With aluminum protecting tube enclosing the beam, and new protective eyeglasses, the Laser Professional toolhead is also safer to use. Especially when you adhere to our laser basic safety pointers.

Laser PRO toolhead
Wood and paper objects engraved and slice applying the new Laser Pro toolhead (the stand was produced making use of CNC Professional toolhead for ZMorph)

New application – functioning PCBs

Laser Professional toolhead can also be made use of to engrave functioning PCBs. Automatic laser-engraving can swap numerous Do-it-yourself methods and even CNC milling because of to its large level of precision and minimal product waste.

Laser PRO toolhead
Specifically-engraved PCB paths created with Laser Pro toolhead

Copper boards included with a black spray paint can be engraved into the two one particular and double sided printed circuit boards. Soon after conventional copper etching, these PCB’s are all set to solder electronic components to them.

Laser PRO toolhead
Laser-engraved PCB with and devoid of eletronics

Every single operator of ZMorph 2. SX can now generate high-quality PCBs for their prototypes and personalized electronics.

Laser PRO toolhead
Laser Professional toolhead engraving PCB paths

Laser Pro for every single workshop

New design, new characteristics, and enhanced protection make the Laser Pro a excellent addition to the ZMorph family members of interchangeable toolheads. The toolhead can be employed with all versions of ZMorph multitool 3D printers unlocking new multi-substance prospects for all qualified, instructional, art, and maker projects.

Laser PRO toolhead
Stylish paper greeting playing cards lower utilizing the new Laser Pro toolhead

You can use the Laser Professional toolhead for laser-cutting stickers and engraving many objects. It can also be utilized in artwork and decor jobs like the Ferris Wheel Bookshelf in which the laser was utilized to enhance plywood with a tiger-like dimensional sample.

Ferris Wheel Bookshelf made with ZMorph 2.0 SX

Together with ZMorph’s 3D printing certification and CNC milling toolheads, the Laser Professional is now aspect of the most flexible desktop option for substantial-top quality digital fabrication. Operating with all these toolheads is even extra at ease with Voxelizer application that characteristics dedicated workflows for each and every ZMorph toolhead. Laser workflows contain slicing, engraving, and picture etching, which permits laser painting of specific images and portraits.

Laser PRO toolhead
Activated Laser Professional toolhead glows crimson to remind you about sporting the protecting eyeglasses

Out there now

Laser Professional toolhead is readily available in ZMorph 2. SX Complete and Custom made sets as properly as a separate product in our on line retail store readily available for 449.00 EUR / 499.00 USD. You can also purchase it through a chain of in excess of 50 ZMorph resellers around the earth.