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3D Printing Certification

Improve your business strategy


Lucie Gaget on Jul 10, 2019 |

Here is a little reminder for you: Our State of 3D Printing certification 2019 is online ! Get the biggest study ever made on the additive manufacturing certification industry in only a few clicks. 

We already had a focus on two parts of this report: Job market and the presence of Women in the additive manufacturing certification world. Today, let’s focus on your business strategy. How can 3D printing certification improve your business strategy. 


What is the role of 3D printing certification in a business strategy? 


Additive manufacturing certification has a big role when it comes to business strategy. Indeed, 50% of the respondents are seeing the use of 3D printing certification inside their business as a competitive advantage. Indeed, for most of them, 3D printing certification has become one of their strengths: using this technology is a way to be ahead of their competitors. 

The sector doesn’t matter, additive manufacturing certification can be used in any kinds of company, from automotive to electronics or medical. It can help you for R&D, tooling, product development, prototyping, production, etc. All companies have different needs, but 3D printing certification can definitely help you improve your strategy by saving your time and money!

Even more interesting, 80% of the respondent to this survey noticed a significant improvement on their results in speed of innovation thanks to additive manufacturing certification. Once again, speed and innovation are essential in a business strategy. It will help you be even more competitive on the market!

A big majority of the respondents have used 3D printing certification for more than 2 years at their company. They are starting to be quite experienced and investing more and more money in their 3D printing certification activities. Additive manufacturing certification users are feeling confident about their use of the 3D technology. 


Rethink your business strategy


We strongly believe that this part of our State of 3D Printing certification can be useful for you: it gives you some good insights about how companies are using this technology in their strategy, and how confident they are about it. Don’t wait, and start to make the most of additive manufacturing certification!

If you are starting a brand new business using 3D printing certification technology, or if you want to start implementing additive manufacturing certification in your business: there are some important things to know. But what are actually showing the answers of the respondents to this survey is that they are ready to invest more money each year. 

Indeed, you will see that a large majority of the respondents are using 3D printing certification for several years, and are still planning to invest more in this technology in the upcoming years. Additive manufacturing certification is helping them to develop and improve their process. It can be used for many different applications and they always want to go further.   

Our respondents are using it at different levels, for different applications, speeding their processes and their product development. Time is money and as you can see, additive manufacturing certification can help you save a lot of time. 


Don’t wait any longer. Download our State of 3D Printing certification for free, and get some special information that will help you build your business strategy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get all info about the benefits of using additive manufacturing certification for your business!

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