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3D Printing Certification

How to Precisely Value for Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing Projects


An in-depth pricing guidebook for 3D printing certification business and fabrication retailers.

By Mike Moceri – Founder & CEO MakerOS

SLA 3D printing certification. Photo licensed by MakerOS via Shutterstock.

SLA 3D printing certification, and all of its versions, offers unbelievable accuracy for extremely thorough areas like electronics enclosures and tiny miniatures. But so considerably precision will come with an equal total of complexity and cost. I have found out that both of those tiny and significant outlets struggle to fully grasp what their true price tag of fabrication is for SLA equipment. 

I beforehand went more than how I became so uniquely adept at pricing for 3D printing certification tasks, and particularly how to precisely selling price for FFF/FDM. Right now, I’m supplying you an in-depth guide on how to correctly rate for SLA initiatives and ensure you’re maximizing your profits for your 3D printing certification small business.

How to Price tag for SLA

Let us get started by identifying what a person-liter of substance is worthy of to your small business, and extrapolate from there to ascertain what you should really value your clients for 3D printing certification expert services making use of your SLA 3D printer.

To follow along, you need to have accessibility to our free of charge 3D printing certification pricing calculator, and we’ll figure this out together action-by-stage. Your parameters may be a tiny different than what I’m inputting, but I’m keen to wager that the greater part of you reading this will have comparable inputs to the ones that I’m placing into this calculator.

Now that we have the calculator open, we want to believe a several matters. Very first, this is an SLA 3D printer. Secondly, you are almost certainly shopping for your product by the liter, so this may be from the authentic company, from a reseller, or from some sort of distributor. The actuality of the matter is that most of you are both likely to purchase this in bulk or you will buy it on a for each bottle foundation, but in this example we’re going to go for a smaller sized desktop model SLA 3D printer. Make sure you hold that in intellect as we go via all these other inputs.

Estimate Content Price tag for SLA

Hunting at the calculator, I’m likely to pick the buy unit that I’m purchasing this material by the liter. What I know from exploring distinct resellers and brands the normal cost of a bottle of white standard SLA resin is anyplace between $90.00 per liter, all the way up to $200.00 dependent on who you’re acquiring it from, the top quality of the resin, and so on. Let us go for the center-of-the-road, let’s presume $145.00 for a person liter of materials.

Now, what you ought to do is search at the material datasheet of any product that you’re heading through and seem at the density of the substance when it’s 3D printed and cured. What you’ll obtain is usual for this sort of product is 1.12g/cm³ fairly significantly on the cash for the density of this style of substance. From in this article, you can see the calculated price of product is $.14/g.

Estimate Machine Cost for SLA

Upcoming, we want to search at the equipment price tag, the life time hours of that machine, and the upkeep and provider charges for each year. For right now, we’re heading to say it’s $3,500 to acquire the device and that the machine itself has around 8,000 operational life time hrs.

Assume about this for a second, it’s not just about the utilization of the device. It’s also how numerous moments you’re basically going to use this machine, its utilization around an once-a-year time period, and then forecast that into the upcoming. If that’s X amount of several years of use, you can reverse determine how many lifetime hrs that is right up until the equipment depreciates down to zero, mainly because that is a true expense. As you can see below here if I have 8,000 operational hours of that machine, it’s heading to charge about $.44/hr.

There are actually two strategies to search at the servicing and assistance fees. A ton of men and women in the hobbyist community are do-it-yourselfers. They want to maintain the device on their own, take it apart, etc. You actually require to compensate for your time if you’re not shopping for a company or maintenance deal from the OEM, the producer, or reseller you need to have to account for your time. To do that, take into consideration what you are charging for each hour for other services and work out how numerous several hours each year you’re heading into protecting that equipment.

Ordinarily, it essentially comes out cheaper if you fork out the routine maintenance and support price tag from the OEM/reseller. You’d be surprised how considerably time and cash that you conserve by shopping for these packages. It may seem like a large upfront value, but it offers you stability and peace of thoughts if something would go wrong with your machine it could preserve you a large amount of funds and time in the foreseeable future.

With all that mentioned, we are heading to presume we bought a maintenance bundle for $500/year. It will increase an further $.26 for each hour, so we’re on the lookout at a complete hourly cost of $.70.

Calculate Substance Fabrication Rate for SLA

Now, let’s glance at the fabricated material tab. In our preceding publish, we appeared at FDM/FFF 3D printing certification and how you must price tag for that process. Typically, calculating the charges for SLA is a little bit a lot more complex, simply because we’re not essentially working with…