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How Resin 3D Printing Performs: Stereolithography Defined | 3D Printing Website


How Resin 3D Printing certification Performs: Stereolithography Explained

Stereolithography, the technological innovation behind most resin 3D prints, is generally referred to as ‘the mother of all 3D printing certification technologies’ and is considered a single of the most extensively utilized approaches for manufacturing large-high quality 3D prints. In this article at Materialise, we have been employing Stereolithography given that 1990. Time to chat a bit additional about this technological innovation and our latest resins.

The Know-how: It is all about UV Lasers

The technologies guiding (most) resin 3D prints is recognized as Stereolithography. And here’s the one-minute clarification of how Stereolithography operates:

  • In the initially occasion, the roller of the printer spreads out a razor-slender layer of liquid polymer. Considering the fact that this layer is liquid, it will spread out more than the full system making certain that each layer has a steady thickness
  • The liquid polymer we use is UV sensitive. When struck by a laptop-managed UV laser, the resin will change from a liquid to strong state. In essence, the laser “draws” the outlines of the print onto the resin layer and hardens the pieces that it touches. The components that are not touched by the laser will continue to be liquid
  • These two methods are recurring about and more than and more than yet again. The design is decreased by a fraction, and the roller spreads out a new layer. The laser then solidifies specific locations of that layer, which will become parts of your 3D print. This is recurring till the product is finished
  • The moment the printing process is concluded and the full item has been printed, the print is elevated out of the resin tank. The excess liquid will simply stream absent and can be reused for other prints. The prints then want to be taken out and finished manually (i.e. clear away support composition, smoothen surfaces, spray-paint surfaces, and so forth.)

The subsequent video will give you a much better notion of how this 3D printing certification system performs:

Stereolithography | 3D Printing Technologies

Stereolithography | 3D Printing Technologies

The Resins: From Little Particulars To Mammoth-Dimensions

There is additional than just one product applied with this technology. In actuality, we present 4 unique Stereolithography-based mostly resins that all arrive with their individual attributes. Having said that, these resins also share some characteristics: they aspect easy surfaces and are wonderful for article-processing.

Mammoth Resin: Mammoth Resin is printed on one particular of the most significant printers out there… you guessed it, the Materialise Mammoth printers (that’s also the printer revealed in the online video earlier mentioned). Formerly this resin was acknowledged as Paintable Resin. These printers can print large parts up to a sizing of 2100x700x800 mm, which can be spray-painted in various hues.


Bicycle Body by James Novak. 3D Printed in Mammoth Resin.

Clear Resin: Also printed on our Mammoth printers, Clear Resin is (shock, surprise) clear and can be ordered in quite a few hues. In fact, it is the only clear product that we at this time supply at It can also be ordered for elements up to a dimension of 2100x700x800 mm.

transparent resin

Grey Resin: Grey Resin is the wonderful all-rounder. It will come with a good level of detail, is appropriate for little- and mid-size designs, and features a sleek, grey area. This grey colour tends to make it fantastic for hand- or spray-painting positions. Which is why this resin is so preferred between the scale modeling neighborhood.

Dump Truck by Jens. 3D Printed in Gray Resin and Hand Painted.

Dump Truck by Jens. 3D Printed in Grey Resin and Hand Painted.

Normal Resin: Our most recent addition to the resin family. Typical Resin will come at a small-funds price tag even though providing quite specific effects. To help you save some extra revenue, you can even get Conventional Resin with guidance buildings, which means much less time spent in publish-processing.