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HIPS: 3D Printing Components Overview – ZMorph Weblog


If you have a complicated model to print with Ab muscles you can blend it with soluble HIPS filament. In this information you will learn what HIPS is, how to set up your 3D printer, and how to dissolve the guidance structures.

ABS/HIPS mix 3D printed on ZMorph VX.
Abs/HIPS mix 3D printed on ZMorph VX.

What is HIPS?

HIPS stands for higher impression polystyrene. It is a blend of polystyrene and rubber. It exhibits a excellent toughness and stiffness profile and has very similar technological properties as Abdominal muscles. Hence, you can effectively blend Abs and HIPS in dual extrusion 3D printing certification.

HIPS is mainly applied in 3D printing certification as dissolvable assist materials for Abs. You can use Voxelizer options for twin extrusion to 3D print with HIPS and Abs. HIPS support structures dissolve in Limonene. A lot more on that afterwards.

ZMorph VX, ZMorph Dual Extruder toolhead, two HIPS/ABS sample prints.
Dual Extruder and HIPS sample prints.

How to 3D Print with HIPS?

Many thanks to Voxelizer presets, 3D printing certification with ZMorph VX is hassle-cost-free, and the workflow is simple to regulate. We aim on printing types with two filaments (Abdominal muscles and HIPS), but you can also make one-materials objects with only HIPS filament.

Voxelizer Settings

Just after you add the model to Voxelizer, you need to establish which component must be printed with HIPS (normally that would be the support). To do that, ideal-simply click on the model and assign still left or suitable filament (see screenshots). If you have any trouble, check out ZMorph Academy for additional thorough guides.

Voxelizer printing settings. ABS and HIPS filaments mixed in ZMorph Dual Extruder.
Abdominal muscles model with HIPS support / Voxelizer screenshot.


Implement adhesive agent ahead of printing. If you come across any difficulties these kinds of as warping or poor high-quality initial layer, examine the ZMorph Academy, where we discuss the most typical 3D printing certification problems.

HIPS Printing & Bed Temperature

HIPS can be blended with Ab muscles due to the fact the two resources show comparable printing temperatures. Established up your extruder to 220-250 °C. Mattress temperature should be established to 70-80 °C.

Other Printing Options

To prevent warping and other concerns you should use shut chamber for 3D printing certification HIPS. Related to Ab muscles, with shut covers your model will be of higher quality and there is small to no chance the print will fail.

Finished HIPS and ABS model printed with Dual Extruder.
Completed HIPS and Ab muscles design printed with Twin Extruder.

HIPS Programs

HIPS is predominantly employed as a aid content for Stomach muscles as it is dissolvable in Limonene. Apart from that you can use it for casings, containers, protective features and mechanical components. 

3D printing certification HIPS support.
HIPS support.

Soluble HIPS Help

Identical to PVA/PLA, HIPS can be fused with Ab muscles to develop a soluble aid. As we mentioned previously, it can be dissolved in Limonene. Just dip your model in Limonene after it’s prepared and wait for the assist buildings to dissolve.

Remember that Limonene can irritate your skin so it’s greatest to use protecting gloves when applying this solvent. 

Two models with HIPS support.
Two versions with HIPS support.


Review PVA and HIPS by examining PVA material overview. In a nutshell: PVA is made use of in a similar way as HIPS it is a water-soluble filament that is ideal for mixing with PLA.

Wellness & Safety

Fumes created by 3D printed HIPS can be destructive. Be sure to, bear that in intellect and normally location your 3D printer in a well ventilated room. Limit the danger of breathing in the fumes and limit your presence in the same area as the device even though it’s working. 

If you feel dizzy or your head begins to hurt, go away the area immediately, seize some refreshing air and get in touch with a doctor if the signs or symptoms do not prevent. 

ZMorph VX operates with significant temperatures. Usually hold out right up until the device cools down (it should not acquire also long) in advance of taking away ready products. This way you won’t get burned. 

Far more Resources for ZMorph VX

WIth ZMorph VX you can perform with almost 50 resources for additive and subtractive producing. Study the ZMorph Components Library to find out about their most well-known programs, technological knowledge and characteristics. Obtain the document for free of charge and begin producing.

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