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HDPE: CNC Machining Products Overview – ZMorph Weblog


HDPE is a plastic with a fantastic power-to-density ratio utilized for various uses. Understand how to CNC machine HDPE, how to established up your ZMorph VX and Voxelizer, and what are the most typical purposes.

CNC milled HDPE samples and ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer.
CNC milled HDPE samples.

What is HDPE?

HDPE stands for large-density polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic with excellent moisture and chemical resistance, excellent impression power, and a big energy-to-density ratio. This product is resistant to temperature elements and is for that reason typically used for outdoor applications.

HDPE sample CNC milled on ZMorph VX.
CNC milled HDPE sample.

ZMorph VX also supports LDPE (reduced-density polyethylene). This product will be coated in another post.

How to CNC Machine HDPE?

HDPE is not that straightforward to device and therefore we suggest milling in this material only for much more advanced ZMorph consumers. Below you will locate some helpful information and facts on CNC machining HDPE.

CNC PRO Milling Toolhead and HDPE sheet.
CNC Pro Milling Toolhead and HDPE sheet.

Voxelizer Options

Simply because HDPE involves increased milling speeds we recommend location Voxelizer to 7-12 mm/s. Slower speeds might clog your cutter. If you have challenges with broken milling bits, verify out our strategies on how to stay away from breaking cutters.

Workpiece Holding

The safest way to mount HDPE sheets on the VX CNC worktable is to use plastic clamps additional to each and every VX Complete Established. Alternatively, the clamps can be 3D printed (the STL file should really be on the SD card that came with your ZMorph VX). Keep in mind that good substance mounting is a single of the important things for a thriving job.

End Mills

For milling in HDPE and identical plastics, we endorse common single or double flute bits. Conclude mills bundles are accessible in our on-line keep.

CNC machining HDPE.
HDPE sheet and CNC Pro Milling Toolhead.


Don’t forget about to vacuum every single now and then if you do the job on a bigger job. Bits and shavings may clog your unit.

We recommend milling with closed addresses – this way there is fewer prospect of modest particles escaping the enclosure of the equipment. Be confident not to contact moving elements of the device though it is doing work mainly because that might lead to injuries. 


Many thanks to its options, HDPE can be made use of for 3D printing certification containers for some substances. It is also broadly applied as a substance for prototyping, tooling, fixturing, and casings.


HDPE cable holder. CNC machining HDPE.
HDPE cable holder CNC machined utilizing ZMorph VX All-In-Just one 3D Printer.
HDPE casing. CNC machining HDPE.
HDPE casing CNC milled using ZMorph VX All-In-1 3D Printer.

Well being & Security

ZMorph VX and the CNC Pro Milling Toolhead operate on high speed for that reason you should really in no way touch the transferring components of the device whilst it is doing the job. You may perhaps critically injure oneself. Also, view out for loose garments and extensive hair as they could get tangled in the device. 

Even though CNC milling in HDPE be guaranteed that the space is ventilated appropriately and do not overlook to take treatment of your hearing as the CNC operations are inclined to get quite noisy. Headphones are recommended.

CNC machined HDPE.
CNC milling in HDPE is not easy but possible with ZMorph VX.

ZMorph Elements Library

ZMorph VX All-In-A single 3D Printer will work with almost 50 engineering supplies for subtractive and additive production certification. To learn about their most critical features, preferred purposes, and examine the complex facts, download the ZMorph Products Library or study it online for free. Never neglect to check out the ZMorph Web site consistently for extra articles of this variety.

ZMorph Materials Library