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FreeCAD Tutorial & Evaluate: From a 2D Sketch to a 3D Print

Are you contemplating about having commenced with 3D modeling and 3D printing certification but really do not know particularly in which to commence? Then it likely would make sense to consider a look at FreeCAD – a totally free nevertheless powerful 3D design plan. This fingers-on tutorial by Bram de Vries will enable you to create your 1st 3D printing certification undertaking with FreeCAD – all the way from your 1st sketch to the last merchandise!

freecad 3d printing certification tutorial

In this tutorial you will discover to make a 3D file in FreeCAD:
from a sketch (remaining) to the closing 3D design (suitable).

About the 3D Modeling Software program FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a well-liked open source design software package for producing 3D products of actual-lifetime objects. Best of all it – but you previously know this – it comes for absolutely free (just obtain it from on the FreeCAD website)! The ‘CAD’ in its identify simply just stands for ‘Computer-Aided Design’.

FreeCAD is a 3D style program that makes it possible for you to quickly navigate and modify your 3D design by searching back into the product heritage and changing its specific elements. It can be made use of on Home windows, Mac and Linux, and reads and writes numerous open file formats together with well-liked 3D printing certification formats these types of as STL, OBJ, and DAE.

This 3D modeling software program is most suitable for geometric patterns, such as precise technical parts, replacement areas, gadgets, cases, scale types, and so forth. It’s much less suited for making organic and natural objects such as collectible figurines of people, animals, or crops.

Ample of the small communicate – we’re listed here to style and design! Let’s get started off with the FreeCAD tutorial!

FreeCAD Tutorial Portion 1: Producing and Modifying Primitives

FreeCAD will come with many ‘work benches’. These are basically a pre-described established of tools that you are going to use. For case in point, you can generate a draft by picking the ‘Draft’ do the job bench. Nevertheless, we will get started by using the ‘Part’ perform bench – because we are below for generating a true physical object!

In the video clip below, your instructor Bram will initially clearly show you the really principles: how to decide on the ‘Part workbench’, how to start out your initial task, how to navigate (press Alt + left mouse button), how to incorporate simple primitives (a box, a cylinder, and so on.), and how to adjust the measurement, radius, and posture of these primitives (less than the menu ‘Property’).

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 1 Primitives

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 1 Primitives

FreeCAD Tutorial Element 2: Subtracting and Combining Primitives

In this second online video, Bram will educate you some additional tips on how to use primitives. For example, you can rotate them by altering their angle.

You will also discover how to subtract diverse primitives from each individual other with the ‘cutout’ instrument. For illustration: if you position a cylinder inside a box and subtract them, the box will have a cylinder-shaped hole. Having said that, the cylinder can continue to be edited. Modifying the peak and radius of it will now have an effect on the top and radius of the gap.

You will also study the opposite of subtracting two primitives: combining them. You can do this by deciding on each features and clicking on the ‘Make a union of many shapes’ button.

FreeCAD Tutorial Part2 Booleans

FreeCAD Tutorial Part2 Booleans

FreeCAD Tutorial Portion 3: Making A 2D Sketch

For producing more sophisticated styles, Bram prefers to create two-dimensional sketches first. He switches the do the job bench to ‘Part Design’ and exhibits you how to established the finest sketch orientation (‘XY-Plane’).

FreeCAD allows you draw traces freehand with the ‘polyline’ tool. If you draw straight traces, FreeCAD will notice this and will ‘constrain’ them instantly for your convenience – which implies that the line will be flawlessly parallel with the horizontal or vertical axis. You can also increase or delete these constraints manually.

In addition, you want to specifically determine the size of just about every line by deciding on it and selecting the ‘Make a dimension’ software. At the time all dimensions are established, FreeCAD will inform you that your sketch is ‘fully constrained’. Seems sophisticated? The video down below will demonstrate you that it is very quick!

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 3 2D Constraints

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 3 2D Constraints

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 4: From 2D Sketch to 3D Design

Your 2D sketch is prepared – it is about time to switch it into a 3D design! To start with of all, click the ‘Close the editing of the sketch’ button, then head in excess of to ‘Tasks’ and decide on ‘Pad’. Deciding upon the ‘pad’ implies that FreeCAD routinely turns your sketch into the third dimension (side remark: choosing ‘pocket’ subtracts a 3-dimensional shape).

At the time you see this 3D item, Bram will show you how to add further features to it. You can click on any face (floor) of your three-dimensional item and click on on ‘create a sketch’. Wait… what?! Yep, that’s heading to transpire a large amount: in FreeCAD you often leap again and forth between sketches and 3D styles.

You develop a 3D design based mostly on a sketch. Then simply click on one facial area (surface) of the 3D model and proceed with the up coming sketch. Following that, you change this sketch in a new 3D form, and so on. This way of performing allows you to incorporate (from ‘sketch’ to ‘pad’) or subtract (from ‘sketch’ to ‘pocket’) new options and create far more challenging…