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Ford and EOS combat wheel theft with 3D printed lock nuts


Ford Motor Firm and EOS are combating alloy wheel theft with special 3D printed locking wheel nuts intended using a driver’s voice. 

singular soundwave collected from this vocal recording is converted into a 3D printable pattern indented into the nut and important components, which can not be loosened with normal tools.

“It’s just one of the worst ordeals for a driver, to come across their vehicle up on blocks with all 4 wheels long gone,” reported Raphael Koch, analysis engineer, Highly developed Components and Procedures, Ford of Europe.

“Some alloy wheels can expense thousands to replace, but these unique rim nuts will end intruders in their tracks. Generating wheels extra protected and giving far more item personalization are more evidence that 3D printing certification is a match-changer for car or truck output.”

Ford Develops 3D-Printed Locking Wheel Nuts

Underneath 3D printed lock and key 

Locking wheel nuts are utilized to protected the wheels of a automobile, which can be unscrewed with the key equipped with them. According to IAM RoadSmart, previously regarded as the Institute of Innovative Motorists, locking wheel nut elimination tools have grow to be extra obtainable as a consequence of the cars staying acquired and marketed devoid of passing down these elements.

As a consequence, alloy wheels have turn into a target for robbers as they can use these applications to loosen and get rid of a car’s wheels, which can then be valued at around $2600. By basing the nut and crucial style on a driver’s voice, Ford is aiming to provide a system that can not be taken out applying normal products. The corporation states that the nut and key are developed as 1 piece, then 3D printed working with acid and corrosion-resistant stainless steel on an EOS M 290 steel DMLS 3D printer.

Pursuing this, the components are separated and then floor so that it is ready for use. In addition, the components characteristic inconsistently spaced ribs within the nut as well as widening indentations that avoid a thief from generating a wax imprint of the vocal pattern. These 3D printed components can be made in five times, a substantial reduction from the earlier 8-7 days change-around.

The 3D printed locking wheel nuts. Photo via Ford.
The 3D printed locking wheel nuts. Photo via Ford.

Additive and automotive

The American automotive business has formerly explored the programs of metallic additive producing certification with its 3D printed aluminum manifold inlet. A great deal like the 3D printed lock and essential nuts, this component took five days to full. It was additively produced on a Strategy Laser X LINE 2000R.

Prior to this, Ford International Technologies LLC, the patent administration and copyrighting arm of the Ford Motor Firm, submitted an application detailing a process of building lightweight brake discs making use of laser deposition welding, a relative of laser metallic deposition (LMD).

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Highlighted image displays the 3D printed locking wheel nuts. Photo by way of Ford.