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Fabrisonic to debut SonicLayer 1200 metallic 3D printing method at Rapid + TCT 2019


Fabrisonic, an Ohio-dependent corporation specializing in steel 3D printing certification, will debut its most recent process using Ultrasonic Additive Producing certification (UAM) technology, the SonicLayer 1200 machine at Rapid + TCT 2019 in Detroit next 7 days.

“Although UAM has been used for several years in superior effect markets these types of as aerospace and defense, the prices affiliated with the significant scale Fabrisonic units has been a barrier to entry for some providers and universities – the SonicLayer 1200 is both of those powerful and inexpensive,” discussed Mark Norfolk, President & CEO of Fabricsonic.

The SonicLayer 1200. Photo via Fabrisonic.
The SonicLayer 1200. Image through Fabrisonic.

The SonicLayer 1200

Fabrisonic was granted the patent to use UAM in 2017. This know-how is the two additive and subtractive as all internal and external surfaces of a created part have a CNC Finish. As a result of metal deposition, UAM is also capable of bonding many metals at a reduced temperature.

The SonicLayer 1200 maintains a establish envelop of 25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4cm. It options good-point out bonds at reduced temperatures (<2500 °F), which enables the capability to weld dissimilar metals and embedded electronics into fully dense metal parts.

Luna Innovations, a manufacturer of optical measurement equipment for defense and medical industry, recently partnered with Fabrisonic to manufacture smart structures made of metals.

A graphic explaining the difference between Fabrisonic’s technology and traditional metal manufacturing. Image via Fabrisonic.

Hybrid manufacturing and the aerospace industry 

UAM has been leveraged to create heat exchanger devices. These components passed NASA’s quality control tests last year and will be used outside of Mars rovers to protect its electronic system from extreme temperatures in space. The heat exchanger devices range from small (3 in. x 3 in.) to large (3 ft. x 3 ft.) structures.

Those headed to RAPID + TCT 2019 can visit Fabrisonic at booth #216 where the new SonicLayer 1200 machine will be operational.

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Featured image shows a Fabrisonic heat exchanger device. Photo via Fabrisonic
Showcased graphic demonstrates a Fabrisonic warmth exchanger unit. Photograph by way of Fabrisonic

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Showcased graphic reveals the SonicLayer 1200. Picture by using Fabrisonic.