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3D Printing Certification

Experiment with Image Mapping and Color 3D Printing


With Impression Mapping with color blending, we’re having multi-content 3D printing certification to the subsequent stage.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE: To use this feature you need to update Voxelizer software to version 1.4.18 or later]

We’re continuously making an attempt to force ahead the limits of desktop 3D printing certification and employ the comprehensive possible of ZMorph multitool 3D printer. Our latest experiments with ZMorph 2. SX led to innovations in two-substance printing with Twin Professional toolhead that shortly will permit you to put vibrant textures and images on your prints.

image mapping
Samples of color mixing and Image Mapping

Experiments with Image Mapping

New Picture Mapping functionality in Voxelizer software program enables placing 2D photos on 3D objects and printing them with Twin Professional toolhead. Shade mixing procedure utilized in the fabrication method is the up coming step concerning two colour and total-coloration 3D printing certification.


At present, no other 3D printing certification software or 3D printer achieves these types of degree of facts in impression mapping with shade blending. We have been ready to efficiently print styles, textures and whole photographs of cats and even the famed Mona Lisa painting.

image mapping
Graphic Mapping examples

How does it work? Your picture is pasted around the item, so the 3D shape requirements to be taken into account when making ready the 2D file. For the duration of printing, the Dual Professional extruder switches and blends filaments centered on a range of shades established up. It also hides the switches within the item as a substitute of developing an artifact or define about it. The object itself is substantially thicker but this permits obtaining more aesthetic and thorough surfaces.

image mapping
Image Mapping example

You can use this attribute right now, just simply click the graphic mapper icon in Voxelizer software program to commence. Right now, the Graphic Mapping delivers five presets of styles, including flower pot, vase, and twisted pipes. You can edit styles of these presets and their dimensions, but soon you are going to be capable to spot photographs on any 3D object that you want.

Upcoming improvements

[IMPORTANT NOTICE: To use this feature you need to update Voxelizer software to version 1.4.18 or later]

Proper now you can edit the object but not the printing setup which is set at the optimum velocity, layer top, and width. Colour blending correct now gives up to 8 shades and works with PLA filaments only. This software program, shade, and content alternatives will all be expanded as we proceed to tweak and make improvements to the Graphic Mapping function.

image mapping
Dual Professional toolhead made use of for Image Mapping

We strategy to introduce gradual colour blending and the means to paste photographs on any 3D item, so you’ll be equipped to manufacture certainly special multi-material and multicolored objects with it.

image mapping
Image Mapping examples

Long run programs of Impression Mapping

Image mapping and coloration mixing the two have a excellent potential for arts, crafts and even swift prototyping as prints built with Twin Professional toolhead will be able to emulate certain textures and colors without any post-creation.

Dual Professional toolhead

To use picture mapping and coloration blending you want to have Twin Professional toolhead, which is an highly developed one-nozzle alternative for two-materials 3D printing certification.  Once you have the toolhead, this new selection can be utilized on all ZMorph equipment with the most up-to-date firmware installed. Some of our consumers already manufactured some great prints on their ZMorph 2. S equipment, though the greatest high quality is achievable on ZMorph 2. SX, many thanks to the Closed Loop Program.

Comply with a single of the multi-product tutorial films or the posting accessible in our Know-how Base and permit us know in the responses how your multi-product experiments went.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE: To use this feature you need to update Voxelizer software to version 1.4.18 or later]