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3D Printing Certification

Evaluate: The Sindoh 3DWOX 2X, an correct, person-helpful twin extrusion 3D printer


As the most recent addition to its desktop vary, the 3DWOX 2X from South Korean manufacturer Sindoh, accountable for the 3DWOX1, DP200 or DP201, is an Unbiased Twin Extrusion (IDEX) FFF 3D printer. 

With around two decades on the sector, the enterprise has branded the 3DWOX 2X as an conveniently-usable machine aimed the two newcomers and pro end users. The 3D printer retains a greatest establish size of 228x200x300mm, a heated mattress up to 110°C, as effectively as a vocal steerage element for hassle-taking pictures.

The pursuing is an in depth overview performed by the 3D Printing certification Industry engineering team to evaluate the important statements of the 3DWOX 2X. The claims are as follows: 

– Quality and accuracy
– Multi-product prints
– Ease of use / extremely person-friendly
– Extensive selection of elements
– Peaceful operation

The 3DWOX 2X 3D printer.
The 3DWOX 2X 3D printer.

3DWOX 2X hardware: Print heads and cartridge

Unlike its predecessor, the 3DWOX1, the 3DWOX 2X is a twin extruder 3D printer. This allows for 2 diverse components to be applied in the identical 3D printed design. The nozzles perform interdependently, optimizing the generation of the model, to generate the multicolor, multi-product models. As a consequence, the weight of the print heads are diminished. What’s more, this method necessitates an exact calibration which can be time consuming.

The print heads have a bowden extrusion method which puts the stepper motor giving the filament away from the print heads. On top of that, the filament is driven through a PTFE tube to the nozzle in the print head. This enables an greater print speed as well as precision as the hefty motor is not on the head – solidifying the declare of excellent and precision.

Nonetheless, the drawback of this configuration is that it often lowers the high-quality of flexible filament prints as tolerances in between the extruder gears can be far too loose to be pushed toward the nozzle in the PTFE tube. In spite of this, the 3DWOX 2X taken care of the adaptable filament perfectly on TPU exams.

The 3DWOX 2X is  geared up with a cartridge process for every single loaded spool. This retains the spool in the device in a dry managed spot as the cartridge is shut off. Additionally, every single spool has its possess RFID chip which sends details these as the filament form, and the amount employed, to the printer. Third bash filaments can also be utilised in the open up resources method.

Dual print heads in the 3DWOX 2X.
Twin print heads in the 3DWOX 2X.

Slicer and print set up

The 3DWOX 2X is compatible with quite a few slicing softwares. For the applications of this evaluation, the 3DWOX Desktop Slicer was applied thanks to its easy interface. The buttons on the proper hand aspect of the screen permit users to reposition the model by going it, rotating it, or scaling it. Two modes are out there in this software program, effortless method and innovative method.

The engineering team identified that the state-of-the-art method is a lot more appropriate for these wanting to dive further into the parameters as it unlocks supplemental configurations this kind of as temperature command, retraction configurations, print speeds for walls, infill, 1st levels, and outer contours. 

Additionally, the ‘layer color’ option enables multi-colour or multi-materials models. All round, the slicer was deemed to be very uncomplicated to use and the coloration/content distribution to the nozzles to be fairly intuitive.

The Sindoh Slicer user interface.
The Sindoh Slicer user interface.

When placing up the 3DWOX 2X, the workforce loaded and unloaded the filament with relieve thanks to the cartridge. The printer also immediately heats the nozzle and extrudes the filament to make certain the nozzle is primed and prepared. 

Print bed calibration, which is a semi-automatic method, took the team 5 minutes although XY calibration for the dual extruder procedure took 10 minutes as this move ought to be recurring a couple situations. Wi-Fi link to the printer took no more than 2 minutes to total. A USB travel can also be inserted right into the 2X.

Solitary extruder print checks

Utilizing Sindoh’s white PLA, a number of single extruder assessments have been done. The exams incorporated a model of the 3D Benchy, a very well-regarded benchmarking design. The 3D printed Benchy manufactured on the 3DWOX 2X confirmed superior quality all round as the layers are not too visible. There were being only a number of strings visible involving gaps as nicely as some artifacts which can be effortlessly eradicated by hand. 

3D Benchy made on the 3DWOX 2X
3D Benchy made on the 3DWOX 2X

To exam repeatability, 3 elements were being all printed 5 times. As the reference proportions are known from the primary 3D model, the engineers were being in a position to ascertain the discrepancy concerning measured dimensions and unique dimensions, and the dispersion among them. The components are printed in groups of 3 (1 sq., 1 polygon, 1 tube).

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