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Evaluate: The CraftBot Stream IDEX XL – a workshop appropriate tall-structure IDEX FFF 3D printer


3D Printing certification Field critiques the CraftBot Circulation IDEX XL 3D printer.

Created by Hungarian manufacturer Craftunique, the CraftBot Stream IDEX XL is a substantial-structure impartial dual extrusion (IDEX) FFF equipment. Priced at $3,999the technique is specific at engineers, designers, architects and artists seeking to produce sizable experienced-grade prints for functional, creative or prototyping purposes.

The CraftBot’s massive create chamber may possibly not be precisely what you image when you listen to the term ‘large-format’. The design and style staff have opted to target on product peak somewhat than print mattress area, supplying the printer a develop quantity of 425 x 250 x 500mm. This gives buyers a whopping 56 liters of potential volume to engage in all over with, and the printbed’s space is even now practically nothing to scoff at. Even when in contrast to the printer’s hulking body which stands at 635 x 450 x 790mm, it is very clear that Craftunique has created successful use of house when planning the machine.

The CraftBot also options an IDEX process, whereby the two all-steel hotends are housed in two individual printheads that are locked together on a gantry in the Y axis but cost-free to move independently in the X axis. A utmost nozzle temperature of 300°C allows the CraftBot to print some of the tougher thermoplastic filaments like Abdominal muscles, PET-G, PVA, and nylon.

The majority of the printer’s functionality, this kind of as filament loading and unloading, is accessible by means of the whole coloration 5” touchscreen on the front. Connectivity choices contain a USB port, Wi-Fi and a 3D cloud. A multitude of excellent of everyday living functions also make the CraftBot a delight to use, such as an in-developed camera for remote checking and timelapses, and a filament monitoring sensor for print pausing and continuation using the other extruder. The LED position indicator doubles up as a customizable RGB display screen, building the CraftBot sense proper at household in any gentleman (or lady)-cave.

The CraftBot Flow IDEX XL 3D printer. Photo via Craftunique.
The CraftBot Flow IDEX XL 3D printer. Photo by means of Craftunique.

Tall and taller

Where we see numerous ‘older brother’ printers doubling the area of the print bed, the IDEX XL has as a substitute preferred to double the top of the build chamber over its predecessor, the CraftBox Circulation IDEX. The alternatively unconventional structure preference is probably just the point artistic and architectural experts are searching for – we wager the CraftBot could print a suggest Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

The IDEX XL’s 38kg body is amongst the cleanest we’ve at any time witnessed at 3D Printing certification Field. The open-variety powder coated metal body is bounded by plexiglass sheets on possibly facet, offering us an unobstructed watch of the build chamber. Upon inspection of the internal corners, we struggled to find any free wiring hanging all around, major us to feel Craftunique has a committed wire management crew at the business. The printer’s two spool holders can be mounted at any place along the major of the left or correct sides of the printer for comfort.

The metal establish plate is protected by a detachable magnetic flex sheet, making certain clean surfaces on the undersides of prints and quick section elimination. The mattress is able of heating up to 110°C, supplying supplemental adhesion for materials that will need it. It also travels together a linear rail for extra balance.

Bed leveling and nozzle calibration are semi-automatic and acquire about 10 minutes in full, with the consumer only needing to convert the wheels beneath the bed to calibrate it beautifully (with the assistance of the touchscreen). The activation of ‘Wizard Mode’ will see the printer calibrating its possess nozzles. Overall, a quite intuitive and person-friendly procedure.

The CraftBot's magnetic flex build plate. Photo via Craftunique.
The CraftBot’s magnetic flex make plate. Photograph via Craftunique.

IDEX for the masses

The IDEX system’s key advantage is the capacity to use equally hotends at once. Due to the fact they transfer independently in the X axis, users are capable to make use of the printer’s ‘duplicate’ and ‘mirror’ modes. Utilizing these modes proficiently doubles the output probable of the CraftBot, while the two products have to be similar. The replicate method creates a carbon duplicate of a aspect on the other side of the bed – similar in both sizing and orientation. The mirror mode creates an identically sized component on the other facet of the mattress but it is mirrored down the middle of the make space. As the body weight of every individual printhead is lowered owing to only housing one hotend, they are both of those able to vacation a minor speedier, ensuing in shorter print times.

The CraftBot accepts filament of diameter 1.75mm, and extrudes via a nozzle of diameter .4mm. The printer’s maximum print pace is 200mm/s and the finest layer top is a respectable 50 microns.

The printer's IDEX assembly. Photo by 3D Printing certification Industry.
The printer’s IDEX assembly. Photograph by 3D Printing certification Market.

CraftWare slicer

Craftunique gives its possess slicing computer software for file planning on the CraftBot – CraftWare. It is value noting, nonetheless, that the printer is compatible with a multitude of open up-source slicers this kind of as Cura, Simplify3D, and Slic3r. The initially point that pops out when you…