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The least complicated way to equipment EVA foam is to laser slice it into a wished-for shape. This way you can make containers, small extras or cosplay pieces. See what else you can do with EVA foam and ZMorph VX.

EVA foam and ZMorph VX

What is EVA Foam?

The black foam you are looking at is a material called EVA. EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate and it is a copolymer. This gentle but company foam can be conveniently laser slash with ZMorph VX and has lots of simple purposes, which we’ll go over in the future section of this article. EVA foam is characterised with quite minimal h2o absorption, softness, and superior shock absorption. Connect the Laser Pro toolhead to your equipment and we’ll train you what you can do with EVA.

EVA foam and Laser PRO toolhead
Laser slash EVA foam and the Laser Professional toolhead

How to Laser Minimize EVA with ZMorph VX?

Laser cutting with ZMorph VX is a reasonably straightforward job to complete, but there are a handful of essential factors to include just before you transform on the laser toolhead. If you set the journey velocity too quick, it won’t cut the content and also sluggish configurations will burn it. The variety of paths is dependent on how thick your EVA foam sheet is.

EVA foam

Voxelizer Settings

Primarily based on our inner testing these are the finest Voxelizer parameters for laser chopping or engraving EVA foam.

Engraving pace: 40-150 mm/s (based on the thickness of the material)
Slicing velocity: 5-90 mm/s (dependent on the thickness of the product

EVA foam

Workpiece Keeping

To securely mount your piece of substance to the CNC worktable you can use a double-sided foam tape. Make certain the content is evenly put or usually your style will not be slash exactly. 

Other Settings

It’s a good follow to have the chamber closed whilst laser engraving or cutting. This way much less fumes will be introduced. Anyway, you should really only get the job done in a nicely-ventilated place and ought to you come to feel odd, go outside the house and breathe some clean air.

EVA apps

As we outlined before, EVA foam can be laser reduce and consequently functions great as filling in many containers and casings. It can also be made use of in different components or cosplays.


EVA foam
EVA foam
Laser cur EVA foam utilised as a filling in a container for a tool.

Health & Basic safety

When EVA is not a dangerous product, you unquestionably really should be cautious about the Laser Professional toolhead. If you bought the ZMorph VX Total Established, then you must have the safety eyeglasses incorporated in the established. If you don’t have them – you most definitely really should purchase them if you want to perform with laser. The diode is effective adequate to burn your skin and if right appeared at though turned on can hurt your vision. Constantly place on the safety glasses prior to turning on the laser and hardly ever set your fingers or other human body sections less than the operating laser.

Other safety challenges also utilize – it is advised to get the job done in a very well-ventilated region to avoid breathing in the fumes, and never ever contact shifting pieces of the machine whilst it is performing.

It’s a very good practice to wait for the equipment to awesome down before switching toolheads or taking away the substance.

EVA foam

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