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Aluminum: CNC Machining Products Overview – ZMorph Web site


CNC milling in aluminum certain is tempting, and consequently we’re pleased to advise you that ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printers have no challenge with CNC machining aluminum components. In this short article you will find out how to established up your device, what are the most prevalent aluminum takes advantage of, and much more.

CNC machining aluminum
Tailor made section CNC milled with ZMorph VX.

5754 Aluminum – Fantastic for CNC Machining

Aluminum 5754 is a single of the most common supplies and gives fantastic energy-to-weight ratio, fantastic machinability, and wonderful corrosion resistance. 

CNC machining aluminum
CNC engraving aluminum components

How to Device Aluminum with ZMorph VX? 

Even though aluminum is a good materials to work with, we never advise CNC milling in metals for novices. That staying stated, there are no concealed obstructions when machining aluminum with ZMorph VX, and in this post we have well prepared suggestions & tricks on milling in this kind of metal. Feel cost-free to speak to us in the comment section beneath if you have any supplemental questions.

CNC machining aluminum
CNC Pro milling toolhead

Voxelizer Settings 

CNC milling aluminum can be tough and in the ZMorph Supplies Library we have explained it as difficult product. The Voxelizer configurations will vary based on your venture, but there are several constants. We advocate:

  • Chopping speed: 1.5 mm/s
  • Lead in/out speed: 1.25 mm/s
  • Max. step down .15 mm.

Workpiece Keeping

Use clamps to mount the materials to the CNC worktable. Make positive the clamps are of good top quality and will not crack when the machine is doing the job. Aluminum is rather tough and you unquestionably never want unfastened elements flying away from your machine. 

CNC machining aluminum
Aluminum mounted on the CNC worktable.

Remember that if your material is loose, your project will fail. Examine some of our workpiece keeping methods and you’re great to go.

Finish Mills

It is been verified by our engineers that you can correctly mill in aluminum with ZMorph common conclusion mills that are provided with the CNC Entertaining Pack and ZMorph VX Complete Established. For some skilled utilizes it is proposed to purchase particular conclude mills only for aluminum CNC machining. In any other case common flat or ball close mills are plenty of.

Conclusion mills from CNC Enjoyment Pack out there at retail

Aluminum Programs

Aluminum makes use of change, but it’s generally used for prototyping and stop components. The materials can be also very easily engraved on. Here are some photos of samples of aluminum machining with ZMorph VX.


CNC machining aluminum
Custom made aluminum element CNC milled with ZMorph VX.
CNC machining aluminum
Custom made aluminum component CNC milled with ZMorph VX.
CNC Engraving Aluminum on ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

Health and fitness & Basic safety

ZMorph VX operates on superior speeds and it is significant to keep in mind not to contact any moving pieces although the equipment is doing work. They are signed with particular stickers for your basic safety.

After yet again we remind you to double check if the aluminum sheet is correctly mounted on the CNC worktable. Terrible workpiece keeping will outcome in failed machining attempt and also can problems your device or even trigger your accidents. 

For general facts and much more suggestions on CNC milling in metals, see the steel CNC milling rules prepared by one particular of our engineers.

CNC machining aluminum
Aluminum samples

Far more Components for ZMorph VX?

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printers are compatible with just about 50 various resources for 3D printing certification, CNC milling, and laser engraving and slicing. Mainly because of that, we have well prepared a extensive ZMorph Resources Library the place we give all required specialized details. 

ZMorph Materials Library