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Adira tests SLM-XL big scale 3D printer prototype with TECNICO LISBOA and Manuel Conceição Graça


Adira, a Portuguese producer of industrial production devices, is tests a prototype of a new SLM 3D printer for making huge and high-density steel components.   

The task titled SLM-XL is carried out in collaboration with Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s engineering and engineering university Instituto Top-quality Técnico (TECNICO LISBOA) and Manuel Conceição Graça (MCG), a Portuguese engineering firm.

SLM-XL is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) by means of POR Lisboa 2020 and Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade (Compete). The SLM-XL task will also see the finalization of Adira’s prototype equipment.

Prototype of the Adira SLM machine. Image via Adira.
Prototype of the Adira SLM device. Picture via Adira.

Additive production certification with Tiled Laser Melting 

Established in 1956, Adira manufactures industrial production devices, such as push brakes, laser cutters, and shears. In addition to this, Adira also supplies software package methods like Adbendpro, a 3D modeling program, and Cidcut, a CAM programmer for laser cutting devices.

In 2017, the Portuguese maker also released a metallic 3D printer, the AddCreator, which works by using Adira’s proprietary engineering recognized as Tiled Laser Melting (TLM). An revolutionary component of this process is its movable establish chamber which moves to a new site immediately after printing a ’tiled segment’ of the element. This will allow the device to develop huge metallic elements. 

Adira AM Additive Manufacturing

SLM-XL challenge

In SLM-XL two troubles in powder mattress fusion (PBF) 3D printing certification had been resolved: small density of the 3D printed parts, and restrictions of the make sizing.

Porosity and keyhole development are two aspects which lead to density difficulties. Knowing of these issues in metallic 3D printing certification is however constrained. Density challenges can be solved by dealing with the steel printed portion with a scorching isostatic tension (HIP) device. But this is a time-consuming further step and has sizeable fees. 

In the SLM-XL system, imaging and scanning procedures were being utilized to research the correlation amongst the density of a part and procedure parameters of the equipment. It was concluded that to be certain much more than 99% density of a element as huge as 1 m³ in quantity, parameters of the equipment will need to be altered as printing reaches the outer bounds of the part. 

In the latest consortium, a prototype of Adira’s new SLM device was examined working with 316 L stainless metal, a usually made use of steel alloy. The investigation also proposed a method to alter the device parameters.

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Showcased image displays a prototype of the Adira SLM device. Graphic by way of Adira.