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5 Necessary 3D Modeling Strategies for 3D Printed Jewellery | 3D Printing Blog site


5 Critical 3D Modeling Ideas for 3D Printed Jewelry

We know that developing a design for 3D printing certification can be somewhat scary. Even with giving you a good deal of layout independence, 3D printable versions continue to need to have to adhere to selected style and design procedures. In this website post we will make clear the 5 most essential 3D modeling ideas to be certain that your jewellery is flawlessly 3D printable.

Are you all set to observe the methods of these incredible 3D printing certification jewellery artists?

These rules are relevant for any orders in gold, silver, bronze, and brass.

1. Highest Printing Measurement

The to start with thing you need to know is that there is a Greatest Printing Measurement. We can print jewellery in gold, silver, bronze, or brass up to a sizing of 88 x 88 x 125 mm – so printing more substantial items like the bracelet in the picture underneath isn’t a issue at all.


Tree in Cross Bracelet by Vulcan Jewellery/Desmond Chan

If you will need a larger print than 88 x 88 x 125 mm in 1 piece, you can swap to just one of the many other elements that we supply. You can come across an overview of the maximum 3D printing certification measurements for all products here.

Silver rings rabbitt

Operating Rabbit Ring by Vulcan Jewlry. Silver

2. Minimum amount Wall Thickness

Also, the most vital matter to preserve in head when building a 3D design is Minimal Wall Thickness. In 3D printing certification, wall thickness refers to the distance in between one surface area of your product and the sheer floor opposite to it. For most of the designs printed in gold, silver, bronze, and brass, the least wall thickness desires to be concerning .6 and .8 mm.

The correct benefit relies upon on the substance and finish of your decision and can be found in the structure manual for each individual product appropriate in this article.

For these gold-plated brass cuff-links for case in point, the designers had to make certain to decide on a minimal wall thickness of .8 mm. If not, the partitions would be way too thin and the product wouldn’t be printable.


Cufflinks by DAMN x Café Costume

To avoid any deformations in patterns with fragile parts or wire structures (see the T-Rex below) we endorse a minimum wall thickness of at least 1 mm.


3D-Rex by Octavio Asensio

If you want to master more about minimum amount wall thickness, take a seem at our tutorial in this article. Belief us, it is a seriously vital subject.

3. Least Dimensions of Smaller Aspects

An additional detail to continue to keep in mind is the Least Size of Small Information. What I imply by specifics are the incredibly tiny ornamental sections of your objects, these kinds of as embossed or engraved textual content. The smallest attainable attribute of your layout need to be at least .35 mm in diameter and .4 mm in peak. More time features this sort of as rods must be at minimum .8 mm in diameter, or they might break throughout the casting.

Gorilla cufflinks in untreated brass

Gorilla cufflinks in untreated brass

4. Hollow Models

Our following tip is about printing hollow products. If you want to layout a hollow product make sure to incorporate far more than 1 release hole – preferably you really should have a minimum amount of 3. The specific measurement of the holes relies upon on the style and the dimension of the model but you really should test to pick 1.5 mm as the minimum dimension.

The print below is a terrific example of a hollow item with several large release holes.


Choice Spintop by Michael Mueller

If you want to discover more about what hollowing is specifically, consider a glance at our hollowing tutorial right here.

Glam.or.ous Ring by Designeradesigns

5. Grouped Designs

The final piece of information is about keeping away from so referred to as ‘grouped models’. When uploading a 3D model to our web site, make sure that your file only is made up of a person item. You are not able to upload quite a few objects in a person and the exact file.

If you will need a number of prints of the same file, just upload your file and adjust the ‘quantity counter‘. This will also lead to a wonderful price reduction.


Reytan Rock'o'clock rings

Reytan Rock’o’clock rings

Remember to hold in intellect that these 5 modeling suggestions are only valid for prints in gold, silver, bronze, and brass. You can obtain far more about how 3D printing certification really operates downloading the i.materialise Guide to 3D-printed jewelry!

Once your 3D design is prepared, merely upload it right here, see your prompt selling price estimate and enable us just take care of the creation system.

Bear in mind to share your jewellery designs with us on social media with the hashtag #imaterialise.

Jewellery doesn’t end with precious metals. Find our preferred 3D-printed jewellery in non-metal components! Recall to observe the layout recommendations for these alternate resources.