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5 Amazing 3D Prints in Alumide | 3D Printing Weblog


5 Amazing 3D Prints in Alumide

If the two new colors that were lately released to spice up your 3D prints in alumide weren’t plenty of to gasoline your creativeness, find out 5 outstanding alumide 3D prints in this site post.

Alumide is possibly the most underrated 3D printing certification substance. Normally mistaken for aluminum or found as the minimal brother of polyamide, alumide gets small interest as a 3D printing certification materials. However, alumide is a material with a terrific look & come to feel and delivers you a great deal of style independence.

Alumide types are manufactured from a mix of grey aluminum powder and white polyamide powder on laser sintering 3D printers. Alumide is a powerful, fairly rigid materials that can choose small impacts and resist some tension though staying bent. The surface has a sandy, granular search and is marginally porous.

The color of the content is matt gray with sparkling aluminum particles. To incorporate some shade to your design and style, your style and design can be dyed in 7 unique colours. Master much more about this terrific material here– or read through on to uncover 5 spectacular 3D prints in alumide.

1. 3D Prints with Movable Areas

The ‘Articulated Dice II’ by Kurt Plagge is a fantastic illustration of what can be produced with alumide. Kurt designed a 3D printed puzzle box that can only be opened by turning the appropriate switches. Get a search at the movie below to see what an alumide 3D print with movable areas appears to be like.

Articulated Cube II

Articulated Cube II

When you want to design and style anything like this oneself, hold in head that the spacing concerning your surfaces is crucial. We recommend preserving a minimum amount room of .4 mm amongst designed surfaces.

2. 3D Printed Spare Elements

Alumide is a good substance for spare areas – given that it’s robust and reasonably priced, it is great for something that demands to be fixed when looking great. Beneath you can see a camera tripod that necessary some repairs. We changed a damaged lever with a brand new 3D printed a single.


The hook that you can see under is an additional instance of a easy, small, purposeful 3D print. The alumide glance just tends to make it stand out from other plastic selections (these kinds of as Stomach muscles). Which provides us to the future point: the particular search of alumide.


3. 3D Printed Pieces for Guitars

Guitar maker Hilko Nackaerts uses 3D printing certification to up grade his self-created guitars. One instance of his updates is the customized pickup addresses underneath. A pickup system is a transducer that captures mechanical vibrations from guitars… and alumide positive gives them a good glance!



4. 3D Printed Jewellery

Considering the fact that alumide is fairly sparkly it is also a terrific option for jewellery designers. The ‘Rygo Pendant’ is an algorithmic piece developed by Bathsheba Grossman that was printed in this wonderful materials. Once once again, alumide just stands out from other plastics.


Another artist who has used alumide for his jewellery types is Koenraad Van Daele. Look at these bracelets 3D printed in alumide and dyed. Discover much more 3D types from the multifaceted flemish artist on this interview about 3D printing certification.

3D-printed bracelets in Alumide by Koneraad Van Daele

3D-printed bracelets in Alumide by Koneraad Van Daele

5. 3D Printed Tech Gadget Mounts

Alumide will work fantastic for designs that require extra stiffness than polyamide prints. Which is why it can be a good option for tech mounts. For illustration, the mount proven down below allows you connect a GoPro motion digital camera to a diving mask. This mount was Felipe De La Torre’s to start with 3D layout and was printed in alumide for a solid, rigid, and excellent-on the lookout consequence.


Extra: 3D-printed Prototypes

Alumide can be a terrific product to 3D print prototypes for products layout. Look at this card holder in alumide by the designer Elia Furgiele.

3D-printed card holder. Polyamide (SLS) Yellow dyed

3D-printed card holder in Alumide by Elia Furgiele

Explore how 3D printing certification in alumide seriously works in this short article and learn all the 3D design and style tips to get the excellent alumide 3D prints.

However emotion a bit dropped in the world of 3D printing certification products? Have no panic, we have acquired the great blog site write-up that offers you a newbie-helpful overview of the most important 3D printing certification supplies and technologies.

Do you want to order your style in a higher-quality alumide print (or in the 19 other elements that we supply)? Just upload your layout here and see your price right away.