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3DGence expands Industry F340 abilities with Fillamentum Flexfill 98A


Polish 3D printer company 3DGence has expanded the content abilities of its Field F340 machine with Flexfill 98A from Fillamentum. This is the first flexible filament that works with the twin nozzle industrial procedure.

“Our customers progressively use versatile products in their work, that is why we consistently meet up with their requirements. Flexfill 98A is characterised by greater superior abrasion resistance and tensile strength,” feedback Mikołaj Skorupa, 3D Printing certification Application Engineer, 3DGence.

“Therefore, the materials is suited for printing dynamically loaded areas, e.g. seals or elements that require regular bending. Printouts manufactured with Flexfill 98A could be supported with the ESM-10 soluble substance, which can be washed out. This allows us to obtain even the most sophisticated geometries.”

Flexfill 98A from Fillamentum. Photo via 3DGence.
Flexfill 98A from Fillamentum. Photograph via 3DGence.

3D printing certification substantial efficiency FFF elements

Engineering components these kinds of as Abdominal muscles, TPU, Computer system, and PEEK can be tough to 3D print on a normal FFF/FDM because of to superior melting details. The Industry F340 has been intended to approach this kind of materials by way of its circulation management method as perfectly as its Significant Stream (HF) printing modulesAs a end result, consumers can enhance their technique with new products, with out obtaining to acquire a new 3D printer. Mateusz Sidorowicz, Promoting Director at 3DGence, adds, “There are not so lots of industrial 3D printers capable of printing at the same time with engineering products these as Abdominal muscles, fiber-reinforced polyamides or Laptop and now also with TPU.”

“3DGence Industry F340 is an exception on the industry because of to its flexibility.  Many thanks to the use of a direct method, this 3D printer can handle both stiff and flexible elements. Cooperation with Fillamentum enabled 3DGence to extend its offer you with Flexfill 98A. – materials Shore 98A hardness.”

3D printed Flexfill 98A accordion cover for a milling machine. Photo via 3DGence.
A 3D printed Flexfill 98A accordion address for a milling machine. Photo by way of 3DGence.

The Marketplace F340 

The Sector F340 is able of printing at temperatures in between 190°C and 500°C. The system’s multiple modules covers the wide variety of 3D printable thermoplastics from conventional PLA to sturdy PEEK filament. In December 2018, 3DGence released the Engineering Soluble Material (ESM-10), a soluble aid materials for PEEK and Ab muscles. ESM-10 can be utilised to assistance Flexfill 98A to acquire even the most complex geometries

Prior to the launch of Flexfill, 3DGence also released PA-CF and PA-GF (Glass-Loaded Polyamide). Upon the material releases, Dominik Fitowski, Export Supervisor at 3DGence, commented, “There are a whole lot of 3D printers on the industry today, which are compatible with a really slender selection of components, it is involved with the will need to have many diverse gadgets.”

“3DGence Sector F340 is the exception in the industrial 3D printers phase. It has been geared up with a modular procedure, which is a additional useful and additional cost-effective remedy.”

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F340.
The 3DGence Business F340. Photograph through 3DGence.

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Showcased image displays Flexfill 98A from Fillamentum. Photograph by means of 3DGence.