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3D Printing Certification

3D-Printed Jigs and Fixtures Help Eckhart Enhance Efficiency, Basic safety and Quality


It was a satisfaction to have Andy Storm, president and CEO of Eckhart, sharing his company’s extraordinarily intensive perform making use of 3D printing certification to tooling purposes at the ARC Marketplace Forum in Orlando, Fla., this previous 7 days. The theme of the meeting was driving digital transformation in industry, and additive manufacturing certification is unquestionably getting a quite tangible influence on how Eckhart engineers industrial alternatives that improve the effectiveness of production traces whilst boosting operator security.

A single of Storm’s key messages is that additive manufacturing certification is a sizeable journey. “You don’t invest in a 3D printer, wake up the subsequent working day, and commence building and printing additive methods,” he states. So looking for some straightforward wins can assistance the business gain confidence and knowledge as it begins to “think additively.” 

Every thing Eckhart does with 3D printing certification revolves about aiding in a single or more of three rewards: quality, efficiency, and basic safety/ergonomics for operators. In actuality, those pillars are arguably at the core of any manufacturing unit about the environment. 

Here’s a glimpse at three tooling options Eckhart made employing Stratasys FDM 3D printing certification technology, with reviews from Andy Storm:

3d printed tool for installing brake pedal
Nylon 12 carbon fiber printed on a Fortus 450mc process, .5 lbs (.23kg)

“This specific instrument we formulated with Stratasys engineering to get rid of rework though setting up a brake pedal beneath the dashboard of an automobile.  The 3D printed tool delivers a constant and mounted place for the assembler to positively find the pedal in the right posture every time.  The instrument also holds the pedal in the suitable orientation so the assembler can safe it without owning to maintain the pedal at the exact same time the fastener is remaining tightened.  Imagine attempting to placement the clutch and brake and finding them to mount correctly for risk-free procedure. With an additive dependent assembly aid like this, it snaps into location. The resource allows the operator to regularly slide the pedal into posture each time with really little hard work.” 

Surrogate Parts for Cell TryOut

surrogate components
surrogate components

“When tasked with accomplishing 1st report tests on freshly commissioned creation strains, it is generally tough to get huge OEM customers to share surrogate elements. In the absence of waiting around months for parts, with additive production certification, you can get the 3D math model from the OEM shopper, 3D print the element and run off the system, instead of getting to hold out.” 

Wiper Put in Device

3D printed wiper install tool

“Here’s a wiper install software.  If you’re the assembler, it is an ergonomic nightmare to set up a wiper blade onto the new motor vehicle moving into your station each 45 seconds. To assist a single of our OEM prospects, we partnered with Stratasys to establish a 3D printed jig that locates off the motor system of the wiper and enables the operator to suction the tool to the vehicle’s windshield.  This establishes a company, preset spot for the assembler to regularly set up the wiper blade on to the wiper motor, eliminating rework and high-quality challenges downstream.”

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