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3D-printed jewelry by Just BU | 3D Printing Blog site


The Natural beauty and Simplicity of Just BU’s 3D-Printed Earth

Only BU is the manufacturer driving Burçin Uçak, a Turkish interior architect primarily based in Belgium with a amazing expertise for 3D printing certification. She has brought her developing talents to the 3D printing certification entire world with breathtaking jewelry and accessories.

This designer merges her fascination for new technologies and supplies with 3D printing certification, up-cycling and 3D video game layout. Welcome to the earth of Only BU!

When and why did you determine to turn out to be a designer?

Since my childhood, I have constantly been pretty resourceful. But despite being aware of that I really like coming up with, I never ever assumed about doing it skillfully. Soon after substantial faculty, trying to fully grasp who I was and what I wished to do in my everyday living, I participated in a month of courses at an artwork school many thanks to a recommendation from my mom and dad. The course incorporated pictures, inside style and design, portray and additional. Right after that, I recognized I could not reside without designing: it’s who I am and I made a decision to go for it.


Bow tie. Polyamide (SLS) © Simply BU

Exactly where do you get your inspiration from?

Normally, I am influenced by geometric sorts. For instance, I have quite a few sq. and cubic designs. Even so, for my very last types, I got encouraged by character and Voronoi Styles. Now I enjoy with more curvy and natural types.

How would you sum up your model in a few words?

The beauty of simplicity.


Spiral Ring. Metal pure polish © Just BU

What is your standard workflow for a new challenge?

Opposite to most designers, I do not truly sketch. When I am encouraged, I instantly have my variation of the sort in my head and I draw it in a 3D plan, make copies and commence taking part in with distinctive versions of the idea. I find it clearer to do the job with a 3D design than a drawing.

After modeling, then arrives the most critical element for me: prototyping. I test the style by printing it with my very own printer. For some designs, I bear in mind accomplishing at the very least 10 prototypes in buy to come across the proper thickness, toughness, comfort and ease, fluent kind and a superior reaction from the consumer. I find prototyping is an ongoing course of action.

Burçin Uçak

3D designer Burçin Uçak

When I was planning in the starting, I was far more careless, but presently when I design and style, I have uncovered to shell out more awareness to the printability of the style for the substance I want to use. I pay much more notice to its complex specifics, thickness, needless and weighty vertex info, and so on.

So my workflow still changes with working experience, designing and tests a lot more.

What is your most loved 3D printing certification materials to operate with?

My most loved product is polyamide. It’s cost-effective for the designer and the buyers.

I also seriously like the point that it can be painted actually in any colour. A polyamide print can be turned into a one of a kind piece by participating in with the tone of shades, like ombre dyeing tactics or portray in many colours. The variety of choices presents so much flexibility to the designer.


Rings. Polyamide (SLS) dyed © Merely BU

Which 3D modeling software program do you use?

I use Blender to product.  It’s open-supply, quite easy to use and it has pretty artistic modifiers that save a large amount of time for specific sophisticated versions. It helps me a good deal as I make a whole lot of copies of a single concept and I can nevertheless go back and transform the model pretty effortlessly devoid of getting lost in hundreds of vertexes.

What is the major benefit of using 3D printing certification for your styles?

With 3D printing certification it’s achievable to manufacture pretty detailed, sophisticated models that could not be attainable or would be quite really hard and time-consuming to be manufactured by other traditional solutions or specific resources. It also gives unique product selections. A single style can be printed in numerous unique materials. I adore that it features so a great deal liberty!

When and how did you get introduced to the world of 3D printing certification?

I got released to the planet of 3D printing certification in 2010 when I was still researching architecture in Belgium. I observed some illustrations of architectural models and the adhering to several years just after that I noticed far more Do it yourself 3D printers from makers and Fablabs.

At the close of 2014, I got my own 3D printer and I acquired more and far more associated with the technologies due to the fact then.


Cuadrado ring. Metal all-natural polish © Simply BU

What is the most significant challenge you face in your jewellery company?

My greatest problem is to switch some intense, probably awkward designs into usable, cozy parts of jewellery. As I use a great deal of square and cubic types, some of my rings have sharp edges.

Most people are currently not employed to square rings and not comfortable types make them problem them even additional. So my problem is to uncover a way to soften sharp kinds but continue to hold the identity of the piece.

How is 3D printing certification enhancing your innovative business enterprise?

The most critical matter is that 3D printing certification helps make issues very successful. I really should say I assistance the designers that make handmade, artisan goods but that approach requires the designer to be there from the very first step to the final. You have to be completely current and devote by yourself to a relatively long…