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Explore Our Beloved 3D-Printed Jewelry in Non-Metal Components

We adore the risk of 3D printing certification in precious metals: silver, brass, bronze or even gold are some of our most common supplies with jewelry designers. But it’s value exploring these other unusual components which can also be great for 3D printing certification jewelry.

About the decades we have printed jewelry in unforeseen products like plastics and we are generally astonished by the creative imagination of the designers.

Find all the elements that you can use to 3D print jewellery and why they can be a excellent alternative for your future designs!

3D-printed jewelry in Polyamide (SLS)

Polyamide (SLS) stands out for its flexibility so it is no surprise that quite a few creatives have utilised it to make jewelry. This 3D printing certification product can adapt alone based on the design and style to turn into much more or fewer rigid and it provides a lot of ending options. A further good issue for polyamide is the quite a few colours offered at i.materialise.

Polyamide is initially white but it can be dyed in 10 different shades!

Polyamide (SLS) can also be concluded with a waterproof seal or a velvet coating.

Search at these great examples of 3D-printed jewelry in Polyamide (SLS).


Rings. Polyamide (SLS) dyed © Basically BU

Rings. Polyamide (SLS) dyed © Simply BU

Rings. Polyamide (SLS) dyed © Only BU

3D printed jewelry - Polyamide (SLS)

Opposites collection by Paolin. ©Roberta de Min


Anonymus figures. Polyamide (SLS). Pendant by Koenraad Van Daele

3D-printed jewelry in Polyamide (MJF)

A person of the latest additions to our family of supplies, Polyamide (MJF), has speedily stolen our hearts. This 3D printing certification technological innovation gives wonderful liberty of structure with a greater density than Polyamide (SLS). As a polyamide, MJF is terrific for in-depth types, textured surfaces and imaginative layouts.

The normal color of MJF is gray but it can be dyed in black for a smart and uniform finish.

The first 3D-printed jewellery patterns in MJF are presently in this article, test them out!


Ring by Nils Faber, 3D printed in Polyamide MJF, Pure End


Ring by Nils Faber, 3D printed in Polyamide MJF, Normal Complete

3D- printed jewellery in Alumide

Okay, alumide has some metal in it but technically it is a plastic. This mix of polyamide and aluminum powder has a metallic overall look with a bit of a sparkle. The technology behind this 3D printing certification materials is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which means a good deal of freedom of structure.

Sparkle and endless creativity: what else do you need to have for a perfect 3D jewellery style and design?

All-natural alumide is matte grey in shade but it can be printed in good colors like Asphalt Black, Brick Purple, Rusty Orange, Sparkly Blue and Moss Eco-friendly.

Ribble Rings by Bert De Niel, printed in Alumide

Ribble Rings by Bert De Niel, printed in Alumide



3D-printed bracelets in Alumide by Koneraad Van Daele

3D-printed bracelets in Alumide by Koneraad Van Daele

3D-printed bracelets in Alumide by Koneraad Van Daele


3D-printed jewellery in rubber-like

Another unconventional substance that has a large amount to provide to jewellery designers is rubber-like. This tremendous adaptable and sturdy 3D printing certification material is fantastic for 3D printing certification bracelets, but can also be applied for necklaces.

The organic complete of rubber-like is white but it can be dyed in black for a much more regular remaining appear.

Glance at these patterns of jewelry in rubber-like and how they adapt to the physique. They are also fantastic to squeeze!

TPU -Rubber Like

Extravaganza neck piece by Dario Sacpitta. Printed in rubber-like

Rubber-like black dye

Uccello’s Nestby Cristian Marzoli. Rubber-like black dye

Necklace Starfish by Vaia Gkerlioti

Necklace Starfish by Vaia Gkerlioti

Really don’t be reluctant and get started 3D printing certification your jewelry layouts in these unique elements currently. Which one particular would you decide on?

Check out out the greatest program obtainable for jewelry style and design and all the other products that we provide at i.materialise.

 When you are all set to consider out these alternatives for your individual style, merely upload your 3D model to our on the net 3D printing certification service and choose from tons of high-top quality products, hues, and finishes.

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