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3D Printing Certification

3D Printed Examination Fixtures for Electronics – Questpol Situation Analyze – ZMorph Website


Questpol is a Polish organization that specializes in manufacturing advanced digital products. Their portfolio contains examination apparatuses, measuring equipment, electrical connectors, and much more. Due to the fact employing ZMorph VX in their workflow, the career turned a lot simpler. 

Piotr Murawski, Chairman of Questpol, and some of his 3D printed models.
Piotr Murawski, Chairman of Questpol sp. z o.o., and some of his 3D printed styles.

Not too long ago Questpol is supplying prepared tests remedies for major corporations from automotive and aerospace segment. Their most important position is to create equipment for imitating genuine-life natural environment to examination other machines and to get ready numerous custom electrical apparatuses. Generally it can take 50 % a yr to build a fineal gadget. ZMorph VX is used to develop custom made elements, prototype models, and exam fixtures. Just just one ZMorph device can help a great deal during production,

3D Printing certification with ESD Filaments

In digital industries it’s crucial to consider about electrostatic fees even though projecting new products and resources. That is why occasionally ESD filaments are a vital solution. With this technological innovation you can properly 3D print designs with constant electrical attributes.

ZMorph VX and Voxelizer are analyzed and geared up to work with ZMorph branded filaments, but you can experiment with other producers as perfectly. That is why Questpol can safely 3D print with ESD Ab muscles filaments from other brand names and the outcomes are equally satisfying

ESD filaments are incredibly sensible in electronic field. With this form of product you can reduce the danger of harmful electronic equipment with electrostatic discharge. Something that may well happen when using common filaments.

ESD ABS 3D printed cable holder / connector.

Pictured previously mentioned: Stomach muscles cable holder. 3D printing certification with ESD filaments is recommended for all electrical equipment to limit the possibility of unsafe electrostatic discharges.

Significant Prints and Substantial Facts

To be truthful, 3D printing certification significant products are not impressive any more but models necessitating more time printing situations nonetheless are. The complete record for Questpol is 47-hour very long print and the ZMorph VX delivered without the need of any oversight. Currently the company is applying the 3D printer to make types that just take most of the printer workspace and a person portion (of two) prints in 17 hrs.

3D printed clamp for fixing pneumatic cylinders in testing apparatuses.

Pictured earlier mentioned: 3D printed clamp. A single part 3D prints 17 hrs. This clamp is used for correcting pneumatic cylinders in testing apparatuses.

“ZMorph 3D printer surprises not only by a look. It is a rigid design that prints precisely even really big objects. In my organization it’s irreplaceable.”

Piotr Murawski, Chairman of Questpol sp. z o.o. [Ltd]

On the other hand, Questpol also requires the ZMorph VX for smaller aspects, custom areas, connectors, and whatnot, and the excellent is a very important factor. After again, the device delivers substantial-top quality prints with repeatable effects meaning that workers can believe in the outcome every single time someone presses “PLAY”. 

Custom 3D printed cable connectors.

Pictured higher than: Personalized cable connectors 3D printed on ZMorph VX. They can be printed in just a couple of several hours and can be completely custom-made.

Low Quantity Producing

ZMorph assists every time regular equipment can not assist. As we have pointed out in advance of, Questpol is known for generating personalized machinery and they usually need to have to make the pieces on their own or outsource from other firms. Smaller plastic components can be developed in-residence and 3D printed in just a number of several hours. 

Thus ZMorph VX allows a great deal during low quantity producing at Questpol. Little customized Ab muscles parts, connectors, clamps, you identify it – it can all be finished on a significant-grade 3D printer. 

3D printed ABS cable holders.

Pictured earlier mentioned: Several 3D printed cable holders and connectors. Good quality repeatability is the key-variable in generating very same objects all over again and yet again.

Questpol 3D Printed Examples of Exam Fixtures

3D printed ABS clamps.
3D printed Abs clamps.
3D printed ABS holder.
3D printed Abdominal muscles holder.
3D printed connectors.
3D printed connectors.
Custom 3D printed ABS stand for other machinery,
Customized 3D printed Abdominal muscles stand for other machinery,
3D printed connector.
3D printed connector.

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