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3D-Printed Digicam Components: Enhance Your Pictures with 3D Printing certification

One of the most important goals of 3D printing certification is merely to make our life less complicated: with a fantastic 3D layout and the endless options of the technologies, it’s quick to obtain a resolution for your demands. For photographers, it may well be the need to have to take greater shots. By adding just a number of small details, you can make using shots and recording a ton less complicated.

We have put with each other a compilation of 3D-printed digicam add-ons that can carry images to the future level.

Get your digicam all set for an upgrade with this inspiring 3D-printed digital camera equipment!

1. 3D-printed lens cap holder in polyamide (MJF) by Spruce

Sometimes, even the smallest steps can destroy it all. Do you know that troublesome feeling when you take the lens cap off your camera and can’t come across a location to maintain it? Or, even worse, when you drop the lens cap altogether? To stay away from these sticky circumstances, Dutch designer Willem Sparreboom designed this lens cap holder in 3D-printed polyamide (MJF).


Lens Cap Holder (58mm) by Spruce. 3D printed in Polyamide (MJF). Dyed Finish

This 3D printing certification content is excellent for this digicam job for the reason that it is gentle yet durable, and the black color matches the camera beautifully. It is a easy but sensible 3D printing certification task that will allow you to increase your images encounter. You can obtain the 3D-printed lens cap holder right here.


3D-printed lens cap holder in motion

2. 3D-printed GoPro scuba mount in alumide

GoPro is the digicam of decision for the most adventurous photographers. Those people searching for alternate methods to use their cameras can experiment by 3D printing certification mounts for their GoPro – and tailor it to their wishes.

The scuba diver Felipe de la Torre 3D-printed this mount to attach his digicam to the facet of his diving mask. This 3D-printed digicam mount was created in alumide to make it strong and lightweight at the same time. It is absolutely an unique way to convey 3D printing certification to the base of the sea! You can even match the colour of your diving mask to the mount with our broad variety of hues for alumide.

3D Printed GoPro Scuba Mount

3D printed GoPro scuba mount in alumide

3. 3D style of a telescope adaptor for smartphones in polyamide (SLS)

This smartphone adaptor is a birdwatcher’s desire! Conceived by the buyer optics firm Opticron, the adaptor was intended on Tinkercad and is the fantastic gadget for digiscoping. This photo strategy permits photographers to seize distant visuals with their digital digital camera or smartphone by coupling it with an optical telescope.

Smartphone Adapter for iPhone 5

3D-printed telescope adapter for Iphone5

The gadget is the perfect compact, effortless to use and small-charge adaptor to consider extraordinary photographs of character and birds with a smartphone. The adaptor can also be custom-made to be utilized with distinct smartphones, which lets for a great deal of versatility. The gadget is 3D printed in polyamide (SLS): a lightweight, cost-effective and durable option.

Smartphone Adapter for iPhone 5

The smartphone adapter on a telescope

4. Camsports mount for ski goggles in polyamide (SLS)

A different common digital camera for recording outdoorsy actions is the EVO Camsports. The Dutch designer Monique de Wilt produced this mount for ski goggles, enabling the consumer to document ski excursions, snowboard stunts or dirtbike trips with out the will need to connect a digital camera to your head. With this polyamide (SLS) holder, you can mount the very small EVO Camsports camera unobtrusively on the elastic band of your ski goggles.

Camsports mount for ski goggles by Monique de Wilt

3D-printed mount for ski goggles in action

You can simply and securely attach your digital camera. So easily that you can even set your digicam in the holder without having using your helmet or gloves off. You thrust the digital camera in the holder, twist it until eventually you can force it all the way back and twist it till the knob details up. Voila, it is secured, it simply cannot shift back again or forth. The holder fits on elastic bands with a width of 4cm,” explains the designer about her gadget. You can find Monique’s 3D-printed digital camera mount in her on line shop.

5. Moonrig for DSLR digital camera in polyamide (SLS)

A different artistic and useful 3D printing certification notion to make the most of your digicam is this personalized rig for a DSLR camera. DSLR cameras are much more very affordable than higher-finish cameras and they give incredibly significant-good quality pictures, but it can be challenging to use them for capturing. So the filmmaker Daniel Samier made the decision to unite his get the job done as a cinematographer and his curiosity in 3D printing certification with this 3D-printed camera rig.

Daniel Samier employing his 3D-printed Moonrig

Moonrig is a collaboration concerning Samier and the industrial designers Jan Heinzelmann and Sami Ayadi. To get the excellent layout, they talked to other cameramen to know more about their tastes and anticipations for a digital camera rig.

The end result is a lightweight 3D-printed camera rig in polyamide, flawlessly suited to very long periods of do the job. You can obtain Moonrig digital camera rigs on their on the net shop.

Moonrig for DSLR cameras

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