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3D Printing Certification

1st Design Contest for 3D Printed Bridge Prototypes


Most 3D Wished was the first at any time opposition in which engineering pupils had to establish 3D printed bridge prototypes.

Held at the Gdansk University of Technology, the function gathered contributors from several complex faculties and universities from Poland. Competing learners and their academics had to familiarize by themselves with new technologies and venture administration skills in get to utilize a a lot more useful solution to style and quick prototyping.

3D printed bridge prototypes
Supply: Gdansk University of Technologies

Principles to follow

The purpose for the participants was to design and style and digitally fabricate 3D printed bridge prototypes. Their objects experienced to withstand specialist worry assessments to confirm that a authentic-life construction could be created centered on the thought.

Students had to comply with some demanding guidelines in buy to get to the last spherical. Areas for their 3D printed bridge prototypes could not be greater than 20 x 20 cm. The full model experienced to be no for a longer time than 60 cm and 6 cm in width. It was acceptable to glue the components collectively as it would not have an impact on the anxiety check in any case.

3D printed bridge prototypes
Resource: Gdansk College of Engineering

Testing the 3D printed bridge prototypes

9 groups met in Might 2016 during the last spherical held at Gdansk University of Technological innovation, which also arranged the complete opposition. Learners had to manufacture and assemble their models. They made use of ZMorph multitool 3D printer and biodegradable PLA BioFila Silk for that.



All 3D printed bridge prototypes were subsequent examined on a expert strain equipment made use of by construction businesses and engineers. The weight to the drive of stress ratio was taken into thing to consider and compared with actual-daily life standards.

Supply: Gdansk College of Technology

PMB workforce shaped by Gdansk University of Technological innovation students Pawel Majchrzak and Marcin Kwiecien gained the level of competition. Their model withstood 1780 N sturdy pressure and got the optimum ratio score. Congrats!

Successful bridge prototype success:
Whole mass of the prototype: 315 g
Max force withstanded through assessments: 1780 N
F/m ratio = 5.07

First 3D Printed Bridge Prototype Contest - Most 3D Wanted

See you following calendar year!

The very first version of Most 3D Wished (have in head that in Polish “most” indicates “bridge”) was a large results and proved that learners want to master about the hottest systems and implement them in their works.

3D printed bridge prototypes
Source: Gdansk College of Technological innovation

The significance of 3D printing certification in swift prototyping will only continue to rise and which is why we’ll continue on support initiatives like this 1.